A Guild You Want To Be Part Of

Hello my fellow Gems Of War enthusiast. My daughter and I have been playing this awesome game for over 4 years; coming up on 5 and we love it. The problem has always been guilds that seem to have too much drama or requirements that ruin the fun of just playing. It isn’t much fun to be forced to chase requirements that require us to play all day long for seven days to acquire requirement suggestions.

My guild is titled: DoneWithBS and as the name implies we are just going to have fun. The suggested requirements are based on just having fun with this game for about an hour a day. So sit back relax and have fun; that is the driving force to being in a guild you deserve and will want to stay with. Thank you so much for your consideration in joining a guild full of like minded players, as yourself. Let’s have some fun!

You’ll have better luck if you post this under guild recruitment for your platform.

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