Turn the adventure board into a 'current content hub'

I really like the new adventure board. I think that you could go a bit further and turn it into a ‘current content/event’ hub that would be a one stop place for all the events active.

I feel this is needed because at moment it feels a bit fragmented, with some activities in the guild tab, some in the games tab, and then some in the adventure board. It means it’s quite easy to forget about content, especially on the day when you are in a hurry.

So in my head what you would have is the current adventure board, but with a button/link to the dungeons and to whatever daily/weekly events are running at that time.

This is obviously not a big issue, and it could be argued that it would have negative consequences - people neglecting the games+guild tabs + adding complexity to the adventure boards, but I think that it would be a good feature that most players would find useful.

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I’ve always felt like it’d be a vast improvement to:

  • Make the “Guild” button just go to the Guild screen, with a button on that screen to go to admin tasks.
  • Move the “guild events” to the “games” screen with all the other events.

I waste a lot of time because I constantly push the wrong button even as I’m approaching the end of my 2nd year of play.

Daily dungeon would fit under adventure board. Maybe pet rescue also

I’d like a new tab in the games menu with current events. It could just show what is currently active and uncompleted like guild events, dungeons, AB, pet rescues and be removed as they are completed for the day or all rewards have been collected in the case of class or faction events. I’ve missed so many class events and dungeons just because there is so much to do in a day now.

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It doesn’t help that they move around. I’ll be in the middle of doing a Faction event then the game decides to put a Pet Rescue up and for an hour I’m tapping the wrong button.