The Adventure Board - suggested changes/improvements based on the Hero Level

The Adventure Board is not bad, but it’s lacking something, and it needs some improvements.
It’s lacking consistency and more coherent rewarding system.

On the Stream, we were promised that the Adventure Board will also be specifically based on the progression of each individual player. @Sirrian, it’s time to deliver such a promise.

The adventure Board should be slightly adjusted when it comes to the main and three side tasks.
This means that there will still not be any guaranteed rewards of specific rarity, only significantly increased % to get better tasks and rewards.

Increased chances based on percentages should always match the type or task rarity that your Hero is currently in, based on his Level.
You would still have a chance of getting a lower task - lower rarity, but at a significantly less repetitive rate, and the rarity range should never exceed more than two rarity types or ranges.
Example: If you’re in the Mythic range, your rewards should never be below Epic. Epic is the guaranteed minimum you would get in all cases, main and side tasks. Each task is decided based on a dice roll, independently.

Based on Hero Levels: (Tasks are based on Tiers - each Tier is associated with an appropriate color.)
Common Tasks (white) should become available for players of Level 1-150.
Rare Tasks (green) should become available for players of Level 151-300.
Ultra-Rare Tasks (blue) should become available for Players of Level 301-500.
Epic Tasks (purple) should become available for Players of Level 501-750.
Legendary Tasks (orange) should become available for Players of Level 751-1000.
Mythic Tasks (cyan) should become available for Players of Level 1001+

Suggested increases: (based on the current percentages in AB)
Increased % to get better tasks (boost)
Common (white): default current value.
Rare (green): +5% increased chances.
Ultra-Rare (blue): +10% increased chances.
Epic (purple): +15% increased chances.
Legendary (orange): +20% increased chances.
Mythic (cyan): +25% increased chances.

Important notice:
I’ll say it again. Even if you don’t get the tasks that your Hero is entitled to - if you get unlucky, you will never get the Reward of lesser rarity type of reward that’s at least more than two rarity types apart.
Example: Mythic, if Mythic task is not granted, should always get Epic, never less than that.

Once you have reached a specific level range, you will get increased chances to get better tasks and rewards based on your Hero level.

I know that this system is not perfect, but it was never meant to be because the developers are relying on the Russian Roulette type of RNG, as they call it.

Significantly increased or higher percentage boosts that improve and provide better main and side tasks, in turn, increase the popularity and spending on the Ring of Wonder (19,99€) and Deathknight Armor (59,99€). Increased sales of these packs will more than handle the improved, or more generous Adventure Board system.


I don’t think this is true! Link?

Perhaps different for new players, with tutorial top tasks, and potentially a level at which the higher rarities unlock – but that’s just me guessing, and I had an alt under 125 receive a Mythic Task, so it wouldn’t appear to be a high threshold.

I wish these tasks were more valraven-style. As in still random but guaranteed to keep the ratio on average (1:4 in the case of valravans)