Add Guild tab for "bulletin board"

The banner at the top of chat just isn’t sufficient. It would be great to have a bulletin board where the guild leaders could post “sticky notes” pertaining to guild business like weekly goals, task/contribution information, etc.


Crack that whip!

Seriously, you are right. That banner is too limited. Perhaps they can convert the old “Activity” board for announcements. Thanks for suggesting this, @htismaqe.

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Oh to actually be able to get a members attention, it would be a dream come true.
The current chat system is like standing in a crowd of 10,000 people waving madly hoping that one person sees you.


This would be really helpful! I’d like to see this implemented. Or at least a banner type thing on the donation tab (perhaps get rid of the guild Name there and allow a short message there instead) so people can see what they are supposed to be donating to without going into buggy chat.