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Daily activities and time

Okay I have a wall of text coming up.

I like the raids and invasions, they’ve grown on me and I now enjoy them … but… there is so much daily stuff to do in this game now unless you put a lot of time into the game you miss A LOT! Raid, invasion, class events, dungeons, the weekly event and pet rescues. All this while still trying to gain trophies, gold, farm souls and traitstones if you need them. There is just not enough time in the day to do all of this consistently AND have a life. Let’s face it no one wants to miss out on rewards in the game.

Is there any plans to make changes to the events? Raid and invasion for example, I personally think it would be a good idea to have it need less points to complete and only run over 3-4 days. This way you can do the event and still gain a decent amount of trophies and gold without having to put so much time in.

Dungeons take 5-15 minutes it all depends on your level. Pet rescue can be time consuming if you’re in a guild that activates them a lot but once they’re maxed you could always just skip them.

Class events running for a day or the weekend are good I really enjoy the class events though they could do with some troop changes. (The previous class event had very similar teams)

As for guild wars, I think this is everyone’s favourite weekly mode right now even after all the noise a lot of forum members made before raid and invasion was added.

Weekly events are fine… they provide rewards and make you explore, do maps and such. The only suggestion I do have is to lower the amount of turns needed to complete a weekly map event. Unfortunately not all of us can get 200+ turns a game :grin:.

Although I have listed some suggestions I’d like to see what everyone else thinks and what other suggestions people have and hope the devs will read this post and take on board some of the suggested changes. I do think that a lot of the trophies and gold farm issue could be fixed very easily if like guild wars, raid and invasion rewarded you with trophies even just one and also rewarded similar gold to that of a pvp battle too.

Sorry for the huge wall of text and thank you if you took the time to read it all. :smiley:


Guild wars certainly isn’t everyones favourite mode, I much prefer the new modes which are a refreshing addition to the game.

I wouldn’t complain with all the content that the game has, variation allows the game to keep fresh as adding new troops will only do so much.

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Similar note

Is Dev going to re-structure seals since 75% of the new stuff is not even included in the seals. Since most guilds have not adjusted their reqs, in fact have made it more difficult by adding in these new areas - it really has become harder (even for me) to make 1000 let alone 1500.

Also I must add I am a PS4 player and I am only voicing the opinion of myself and some of my guild friends.
Mobile players can maybe play more as it’s a portable device but not everyone has time to sit and play gems of war as much time is required. I’m level 1200+ I can put more time into the game than others but for people under level 1000 and people with busy lifestyles it is not as easy for them.

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Even me - Been playing for a few years - and the same time I used to play to get 100 trophies / my seals now is broken up into other requirements and it takes longer.

Especially when you are required to use specific troops and are missing specific types of troops.

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I very much have ocd with gems, all tasks have to be done every day and all events must be finished each week :joy:

I’ve spent a lot of my time until recently in top end guilds but decided to move to a great casual guild. Less pressure to meet requirements whilst still enjoying the game has extended the life span of the game for me.

I can see why some people may say there is too much but you play to what works for you, you cannot have to much content :+1:

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I think there is a need to reevaluate guild and personnal priorities. The game surely have more content to spend time, but essentially it just gets in the way of the old routines of farming trophies/gold/glory because the players had nothing else to do…

But still, the devs should consider some of our old suggestions of adding trophies and other similar rewards to these “Sigil Events”…