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Player retention and improvement

Hi,i think in the current rotation of war/raid/inv etc should be a ‘chill week’ where people can gather stones/glory etc,try out new teams,gms and snr guild members can help and advise those lower in the guild…reqs should still be met. By the time i ve spent all my resources on inv/raid and bounty troops i m done for when gws comes round. The game is getting very demanding time wise…and i think this would help retain and improve players!

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Sounds like a personal problem.
Play as much as you like, if your guild requires more than you want to give, move.
Why should the entire game change just to suit you?


It is not a personal issue at all…there are MANY high level players leaving blaming newer sections of the game and burnout…the week with no event would be there for people to level other troops,learn from their guild members and build up resources…having raised this point on global it was received well…

Nothing force anybody to do a shit ton of raid or invasion or bounty or pet farming…

You just have to accept the fact that you can’t have everything everytime that’s it.

These new mode brought a nice way to earn extra ressource. You don’t have to spend anything unless you are in a top 100 guild.

Nothing force you to do countless hours of PVP to get a pet gnom… The pet bonus are so little no one should bother.

Having a ton of pet doesn’t provide a big edge at all. They are mainly shiny trophy period.

People may not like the new game modes, but that doesn’t mean having nothing to do is a good solution. They’re tedious and a slog, but at least it’s SOMETHING. What about people who have their troops pretty much all leveled and traited? Sure there’s pet chasing, but that only goes so far. It hasn’t even been a week and I only need four. That and guild wars are what’s keeping me going right now. A week of downtime sounds like a nightmare. GW are 5 battles a day, raids and invasions are 4-6 depending on ravens found (not counting initial tiers), that’s not even an hour a day. I can’t see how this would be a good thing. You’re not forced to do anything, the game presents you with opportunities to do events outside of the regular vanilla pvp, explore, and arena. You decide how best to spend your time and how much you want to do. There are guilds for every type of play style from hardcore to I barely log in, finding one of those to suit laid back no pressure play style shouldn’t be an issue. Those of us who are incredibly active and want to do and complete everything shouldn’t be punished with a week of nothing when there are already plenty of options guild wise for people who are not so active.


But but but

He’s lazy and simply wants a guild that will cater to that. There are plenty out there. Or better yet. Suggest YOUR guild doesn’t need to do all… even simpler than finding a new one.