Game Retention

How about you address the amount of old and new players quitting the game for a change.

Instead of “fixing” banners or developing new and frustrating ways to RNG wall or pay well new troops?

Is this a bug in the coding? No. It’s a bug in the direction and longevity in the game itself that is more game breaking than anything else.

If you’re open to hearing ideas on how to help retention I’m happy to list them all. But not if it won’t go anywhere.

Will anything actionable happen from this thread. Probably not. But doing something is tremendously more effective than doing nothing. :man_shrugging:


I would definitely love to see the end of the scratch card gambling game that has become the Dungeons. Or at the very least give the same amount of Dragonite as Diamonds when completing fights.

Someone mentioned in another thread being able to craft pets in the Soulforge, I am all for that (Maybe the requirements be some of the massive amounts trait stones we’ve all gathered up doing explore runs for Battlecrashers, Medals and what not.)

Third, “Kingdom Helpers” and Daily Deals are a joke and need a complete overhaul. One puny little event key is not going to power up my Kingdoms that are either Mythic blocked or Pet Blocked.

Fourth, of any play mode that needed revamping, Bounty Hunt is the one that needed it most. A Bountyhunter Class with weapon would go a long way toward aliviating the tedium of trying to get up to 300K points for all the rewards. Plus using weak bounty hunter troops only adds frustration to an already frustrating, grind heavy game.

Finally I’d also like to see less monitization in general but I know that’s never going to happen.


Agree about the Dungeon, its more of a chore now and most days I don’t even feel like playing it.

Kingdom offers are a broken and have been for a long time. I keep getting epic ingot offers to “help” me level up weapons. I have over 5,000 epic ingots and no weapons to use them on.

Adding pets to the soul forge, especially the cosmetic only ones has been requested numerous times. Especially after that Anvil pet was added, so we know it can be done.

Reworks on certain crafting recipes like the treasures. We shouldn’t have just the 2 available and they shouldn’t have normal and major orbs of growth as a crafting requirement. They should be treated like any other tiered resource. I should be able to take X amount of lower level versions and using souls upgrade it to a single one of the next tier up. Just like with ingots and trait stones.

Treasure Hunt needs a serious revamp to make it even worth playing. But frankly, every time the devs do a revamp to a game mode they ruin it. Just like they’ve done to Dungeon and Arena.

The paywall for access to new troops that take 1-4 months to eventually show up in the chest pool is idiotic and needs to stop. Just put them into the chest pool immediately after whatever event they are introduced in ends.

I am sick and tired of the Kingdom Campaign and having to hunt battle crashers to progress it. Especially when it takes forever for the 9th and 10th ones to appear some days. It is incredibly boring to farm for them. There could have been a better way to do this.

The Vault needs a revamp. With the amount of new cards that are vault only drops, the drop rates need adjusted and Cedric needs to have his turned down. I get him more than any other reward. And instead of the default 3 treasure gnomes in a normal vault battle, why can’t it be 3 random gnomes? This way you could earn different rewards or maybe have the chance for a cursed gnome to pop up. Since I haven’t seen one appear in explore in over a month (my RNG sucks for them). Same with the epic vault.

And stop introducing new resources and maybe go back and revisit the olds ones to make them relevant again. Don’t just tie the old resources to a new crafting recipe that requires whatever new limited resource you introduced thus making it pointless to most players.