Adventure Mode/game board

We now have weekly events. How about a monthly event? Something like a game board that is an adventure mode. Not tied to any kingdoms or factions just a story that changes monthly and your choices matter what the rewards you got or at the very least what path on this game board type thing you take.

or, if not a monthly event then maybe have this game board in place of the treasure map sing because it really is too slow for it to be an active thing in the game. They were people earlier that says about trading the max in for something and that would be a much better use for the maps then the treasure game that is in now that I doubt most people use.

if you do the monthly idea then each move on the board could cost a game token which you could either randomly find in fights, or you have a weekly event where you can get lots of tokens, or you could craft them.

It could even just be random battles that get harder As you move up but I think a monthly story would be better. And there could be at least two paths and each either get a really really rare Troop or a weapon or whatever For reaching the end of the path.

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Another great idea to add into the game or they could just do the repayable quests