Eliminate Adventure board, roll rewards into Campaign

Eliminate Adventure board, roll rewards into Campaign.

Adventure board is boring, and the rewards are way too good for doing next to nothing every day. Today’s mythic search for keys has 10 gem keys and 2 vip keys, that’s better than all the free campaign. So get rid of it, and move all those rewards to the free campaign ticket.

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Personal opinion, I definitely wouldn’t like to either:

  • play 10 treasure maps to 60+ turns
  • pay 150 gems skip fee
  • forfeit 10 weeks of Adventure Board rewards rolled into the Campaign

Thank you for not yanking away my daily rewards in case I refuse to participate in unpopular game modes, like Treasure Hunt.


Yeah, I’ve got to say I think the better way to make the Campaign more interesting is to get the rewards to align with the Adventure Board — meaning, “increase payouts” — rather than go the other direction.

Forge scrolls. Tokens. Writs. Jewel shards. These are all resources that are missing and could be enticing.

Push the gold way, way up, and that wouldn’t hurt, either.


I don’t think more loot is possible, 505 probably reached the limit to how much free loot they are willing to give away weekly. So in order to keep new modes interesting, loot will have to be moved from old modes. Maybe an alternative way to free up potential reward loot is to limit how many hourly loots a f2p player can collect per day, or limit max kingdom tribute based on vip level.

the only thing i agree with you here is to crank up reward for campaign, to make it worthwhile for a 10 week quest.

remembering the cost to skip a quest is ranging from 50-150 gems, I think it’s only fair to have at least half of what it worth as a reward for each quests.

for the campaign itself to be more interesting, the reward must be what is needed by majority of the players, such as Diamonds, Gem shards, Gem, Tokens, Forge scrolls, High levelled badges or medals (nysha or anu), and the one needed to increase kingdom level, (writs and the crown thingy)

I think the adventure board should be left as is, as new players are still enjoying its rewards.

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Or introduce a subscription fee, like $1 for each hour of play. And link the game speed setting to your VIP level, x0.25 for F2P players, x1 for VIP 10 players, x4 for VIP 20 players. That would also free up potential database space, for all the player profiles that are no longer needed.

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Remember when they said they were removing these types of missions because they weren’t “fun?”


…to limit the amount of treasure maps allowed per day, in order to make whatever else could have been farmed get added back in to other places.

More player-friendly — make it so anyone under level 500 can still do unlimited maps, too, so new accounts aren’t punished or unable to acquire resources :wink:

at this point, i dont know if UKresistance is being sarcastic or not (insert futurama fry meme here)

I have a better idea. Leave AB alone. If you think the campaign does not have enough rewards in it then you have 3 options. 1. Cough up $11, 2. Don’t do campaign. 3. Do it anyway just for the stats. It takes me 5 minutes to do AB. Not boring. Boring is raid and bounty. Those are the most boring modes I have ever seen.


My gripe with the campaign is that it is inheriently annoying. The game is forcing me to play in a certain way and if I don’t look at the spoilers I can be caught in a mess.

At minimum they need to make task completion automatic and display the next task on a notification screen so I don’t need to back out of everything just to get the next task queued up.



I’m really hoping that when Tarans is gone someone else does (and posts) the required datamined information to plan one’s playing.

Otherwise, the “plan” is just to be as conservative as possible, and not “waste” important battle-possibilities (like dungeons) until clearing all tasks, just to be sure they weren’t needed for one.