Turn counter and match logging

Would be an awesome feature to see how many turns have passed in a match and be able to review what happened on each turn. I’ve had several instances where I had no idea what just happened and no way to review it to figure it out, this would likely also help in reporting bugs


Yeah, I’ve wanted exactly this for a long time!

Agreed, this would be a neat feature! +1

Perhaps if they got it to save the data client-side instead of server-side, it’s potentially a lot of stuff.

And with an option to save it or not save it.

It don’t see where the data would need to be permanent but rather be able to go into the options during a match and select match log to see what exactly has happened during the match and also be able to check it after the match is over but once the next match starts you couldn’t go back and check what happened in previous matches. If that makes sense?