Minor Visual Improvements to GW

@Saltypatra @Sirrian @Nimhain I have two minor suggestions I would like to see added to GW.

  1. Include a summary ‘End of battle report’ showing 0-5 Stars for each criteria based on your GW performance in the battle (no percentages for obvious reverse engineering reasons). Credit to @Whiskeyjack
  2. Incorporate counters to the top of the screen (like what was added in Treasure Hunt) for each of the GW criteria. So players can track how they are doing based on their actions.

More to come after I play under the new rules for week or two.


I like both of these suggestions!

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Great suggestion! I really like the counter idea! I tried counting actions in my head while playing my battles and frequently got mixed up. I know it shouldn’t be difficult to count to 30, but I failed twice at it this morning. :grinning:


Agree with the first one, but can foresee a lot of people complaining (again) about RNG ruining their game whilst on the cusp of a less than 30 action match.

i especially want the counters for all gw criteria

  • damage done
  • mana gathered
  • actions


it could be one small button (like a chat button) with a poping up screen showing whole list of it for both player and the ai


edit: also this should be visible in all game modes so that we can test team’s “performance” outside of actual gw

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