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Some additions to PVP information

Some things I would love to see.

During PVP matches, you often do damage, and it scales down to the health of the Troop you are killing… IE, If you did 45 points damage, but the Troop only has 10 health left, you only see 10 points damage. I would like to see a different colored overlay above it showing the full amount of damage.

Also, A turn counter would be nice.


I appreciate any and all Quality-of-Life features, even if there are more pressing QoL features I’d like to see first. (*cough* 1-Click Leveling/Ascension *cough*)

Also, if we manage to get a turn counter in the primary game, then Treasure Hunt is one step away from getting it as well! It’s the little things that can bring a smile to your face, you know?

Oh Definitely ! A counter in treasure hunt is a must.

It would be nice to have a little button to press, that could cycle between 3 mini views.

  1. No Extra info (Just a small icon in the top right)
  2. Full info in a box with extra information’
  3. Overlaid basic info

Maybe even a few tick boxes in settings to fine tune the info for the player.

Would like to see

Overall Damage Counter
Turns Counter
Total Time Played Today

Others ?