Feature Request - Analytics

I was wondering what analytics the devs collect about the game and if the records you have go all the way back to the beginning of the game or just to the most recent PVP revamp where the counters reset. The reason I ask is I used to be a database developer and I would love to see ‘big data’ stuff on my proflie like:

  1. A stat on each and every troop as to how many battles they have been in, and if possible a win/loss involvement as well as how many times it’s been killed.
  2. A stat on my player that shows me how many battles I’ve fought since the beginning of time, or the beginning of the most recent counter reset, and it includes all battles not just pvp battles.
  3. A record of the total time spent playing the game(Do I really want to know that?!!)
  4. An ability to sort troops by most used which also provides us with a convenient ranking to see our favorite troops by usage.
  5. An ability to show you your favorite color based on how many times you’ve matched that color/selected that color as target of a color-based spell.
  6. I would love to see a stat that showed how many keys I’ve used and how many gems I’ve spent over my lifetime.
  7. There is no seventh thing after Mongo was done with it.
  8. If there are datasets for the treasure hunt, I would love a upgrade to the final screen that just shows you how many matches of which types you’ve made through the entire game as well.
  9. I am someone who quit Hearthstone but stayed here in GoW. The ONE thing I go back to Hearthstone for is the Tavern Brawl. While this isn’t analytics-based, I would love to see something like Tavern Brawl here.

Keep up the good work. In my entire adult life, this is the longest I’ve stayed with a mobile-based game. That’s achievement. I normally abandon games every few months but in the years I’ve played this, I’ve actually cut down all my gaming to JUST GoW. I don’t know what that means for you but just to show my appreciation, I’m already VIP 13!


I’d like to add one more thing to that list:

I think we should have a counter to show how many tributes we grab each week/lifetime. While technically useless it’s like other things where it is fun to see how much you do certain activities.

Alot of what you are asking for can be found here


I can agree with the sentiments about staying with a mobile game, cutting out other games etc etc. I’m pretty sure the devs don’t collect all of the above data, and even if they did, I’m pretty sure there are reasons why they wouldn’t want to share it.

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