Treasure Hunt Resource Counter?

Being honest, I don’t even particularly like this thing in PVP. But here? It would be useless, if it even did anything.

Not only is it redundant, but it doesn’t actually work in here anyway.


Actually we’re looking at adding a turn counter up the top for treasure hunts, not sure able the other resource counters.


Yeah. Turn counter = good. Resource counters that can’t do anything until (and are redundant with) the final scoreboard = bad.

so, in no way it interrupts you, neither does it bug the TH in any way, you just … don’t like the aesthetics?

I mean cmon … if it’s there, it means it was probably easier to code this way, permanently over every board in every “battle” that takes place. I’m pretty sure they also realise it doesn’t serve a purpose in TH :smiley: but hey now they have it spelled for them …

Nah, our developers pride themselves on things being put in the right place and looking right… this just looks daft

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I wish we could turn off the resource counter when we feel like it, unless i missed something.

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I said the same, I neither need nor want the counter on my screen…

A turn counter in the treasure hunts will make me go back and do those again. Please add that! Thank you!


I wanted the resource counter until I saw that it was black. My eyes cant get used to that. Every game my eyes are constantly drawn to the top of the screen. I wish it wasn’t so eye catching.

I like seeing the info for each battle, though it is completely useless for treasure hunt… would like to to be converted to a turn counter rather than resources

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How i lost way to many games right here.

All I can think of now:

It does look really ugly

Actually, a turn counter in regular pvp would be interesting too. Useless, but cool.