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Unlikely Feature Request: Match Continuation

This is a complaint free post, just an idea to represent those of us who get the pointy end of the Karma stick when it misses the jackwagon it was meant for. This is probably not going to happen, but I thought I would ask.

Is there any technical way that we could start back into a match where we left off if the game crashes, or if the computer dies, or if the cat paws at the plug, or if the power goes out?

My OCD compels me to ask as every loss I have this week is due to one of the above. Now, I am not worried about my ranking, as it were. But it is frustrating to get penalized, lose resources and points due to feline mishap or Act of God.

And, blast it all, for some reason our local power company is having issues with something or other that is causing homes to lose power for a second or two periodically. Invariably, I have just started a match or am about to button up a match during one of these governmental love taps.


Unlikely indeed.

For that the game would need a complete change of its communication model.

Currently it talks to the server only at game start and game end. Nothing in between.

Where games can be restored every move is communicated to the server and the game is really played there, the client is only a display of the server state.