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Continue battle

I don’t know if this topic was aleady, if it was then sorry for it.

My request is if there would be a option to continue battle after quiting the game for some reason (e.g. the program crashed or the electricity shut down during the combat) instead of automaticly losing it.
The only way to lose a battle would be really losing it or retreat from it.

For the continuation of the battle after the loading screen a message pops up with the following question:
“You have a in progress (GW, PvP, etc) battle. Do you want to continue it?” Buttons: “Yes, of course” / “No, I want to retreat”

The reason for this request on my tablet the game suddenly exit without any notification, and it’s annoying when it does during a battle. (It’s not a game issue, it’s a messed up android settings. For that I need to factory reset my tablet, so I can fix this, but what if I’m playing on PC [and it’s not a laptop, or it doesn’t have any UPS] or console and electricity went down and everything shut down, I can’t fix that.)

Let me know what you think about this.


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I have lost far too many guild wars battles by either shutting my phone down by mistake, or by getting distracted and not interacting with the game quickly enough, so it shuts itself down. Suspect its more to do with my phone settings, but its a massive pisser when it happens.

I was actually just coming here to post the same thing. At least 3 times a week I lose a GW battle because my game crashes right as I begin the battle. I haven’t even had a chance to take a move yet, and then I’m staring at my home screen and I’ve got one loss. And it always seems to happen during GW battles, which makes it even more annoying. I don’t care about losing regular PVP battles, but I hate letting my guild down because of a glitch in a program.

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So, so very much need this, yes. Even if there are limits on it (must be within X time to continue, or must be the same calendar day, or whatever), it’s a million times better than a guaranteed, uncontrollable, instant loss.

I would like an option to retreat from a battle if no moves were made and not have it count as a loss. I use several teams a day for GW and although I’m very careful, I have on a couple occasions, entered battle with the wrong team. Completely my fault, but it would be a nice option non the less.

Then people can just retreat until they have a perfect starting board for Guild Wars. For example, the perfect Mercy board, the perfect mana fill all troops first turn board etc. No to this, Panterkid.


That’s fair, maybe it’s coded so you get the same starting board

Me personally like the chance to have a good starting board from time to time.

I guess that still wouldn’t work as you could adjust the team to suit the board.

Cheaters are why we cannot have nice things

You will eventually not continue do this mistake with selecting the wrong teams for GW, its pretty hurtful to select the wrong team for GW matches. So you will learn to be more careful.

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When I enter with a worng the to gw battle I finish it either with win or loss.
I almost never retreat, I’m an optimist in this case.
There was a time in early game I won with the worst team ever. :slight_smile:

I never retreat either, but it typically means I’m getting less points.

Too abusable in guild wars pvp

I think the real problem is that the game became more unstable with the port. It seems to close itself and/or crash more now so I randomly lose battles b/c I don’t finish them immediately. I used to have no problems returning after my phone went to sleep.