Guild Wars win counts as loss after game crash


i won my fourth guild wars fight, but after the last enemy died a message popped up saying something like “Fatal Error, Restart the game”. I did, but now my win counts as a loss.

What can I do?


Absolutely nothing unfortunately

That’s bad. Is there at least some “official” way to report a bug?

Mine was worse than that. I was about to win turn 2 but the new ability that crashes the game happened. Froze and logged me out. The new ability needs fixed or get rid of the trash. No one wants to spend time in a guild war battle then have an enemy with 27 life left and you are about to win get counted as a retreat so no points!!! No wonder folks are quitting the game.

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We had member get Cliffy-2DR8918OTQ after winning using EoE in GWs, and that counted as a loss.
Lycanthropy activated during that battle, seems that might be an issue.
Do you know if that happened during your battle as well?

No, I don’t think so. But I’m not sure to be honest…