[Investigating] Losing actually won matches

Up-to-date iOS on iPad Air and iPhone 7, maybe other devices as well

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
After a won match the game may decide to stay like this for a while which is already annoying, and when either:

  • produce an ‘ok’ dialog and proceed with the rewards screen like nothing happened
  • crush entirely forcing one to restart it, and weep over the “lost” Guild Wars match, screwed up all-faction attempt on 500 level, lost rewards/sigils and etc.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It’s been around for a few months for me starting last year or something, and till now I’ve heard quite a few complaints from my guildmates as well.
Sometimes it happens pretty often – like any 2nd-3rd match (and I usually just stop playing when it is like this), sometimes its only a few times a day. But I play in different hours day to day, which some of my commuting guildmates cannot do.

Steps to make it happen again
Just play the gems and deprive the app from the server connection for a moment in some way, I guess. It may be the overload on servers, or some network trouble. My local network often works just fine with Google and other stuff when it happens.

It would be really nice to preserve at least GWs battle results in some way or form. Although I have to say, that we already lost a freshly started player who quitted playing thanks to constantly losing their hard-earned rewards.

Losses through server dropouts have been a bad issue in the early years of the game, but from what I feel, I have barely seen any since about 2018. One of the few ways, the game changed for the better.
Sounds like an issue on your end. Unstable network connection. And maybe you are not patient enough either. How long do you wait, before you quit the game? How often do you try to reload before?

I do not quit the game. Its process may terminate on its own for the reasons unknown without any prior notice or dialogue. It may be an unhandled exception of some sort, but there may be a whole lot of other reasons, all of which have to do with the app since my other apps, my phone, my network are pretty much intact before, while and after it happens. And this happened to people in my guild who live in UK, US and other places.

P.S. As for being patient, you should really pay some attention to the details and give people some benefit of the doubt before brushing them off. I’m glad that you love this game and that it works just fine for you, but there are people who still are bagged by this issue.

one more bit of useful information: one of my guildmates reports being able to avoid a crush by:

  • promptly switching off network when it ‘freezes’
  • waiting for ‘no connection’ dialogue
  • and only after that disabling the airplane mode, allowing the game to reconnect

and they say the game works fine on PC.

Hey @ny4s

Have you already gone through some of the initial troubleshooting we have on our Help Centre?

Also, are you noticing this when both connected to wifi and the same when you use mobile data?

If you haven’t can you give those a go and then submit a ticket to us here in Support, with the information from the last step in the Connection article.

And if you have, shoot through a ticket anyways cos there is some other options we can investigate for you.