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I just saw the AI not take a 4 match

I wish I was recording it, but I was watching directly and saw it plain as day.

The AI had a potential 4-match of reds that it could have done, but it took a 3 match of green and consequently passed the turn. I immediately took the 4 match just to make sure that it was actually there and I wasn’t insane.

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Al will often pass on 4 match if that color is frozen for its team.


Ah, thanks for that. Well the top troop was frozen yes.

However I have never seen that before, ever, and I have something like 1,300+ hours in game.

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This happens incredibly often with the console AI, regardless of any frozen effects.

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Yeah, I see it all the time.

Well I’ve been here for 400+ days :stuck_out_tongue:
And while I was using mab (pre impervious got immune to her damage for God knows what reason) AI would often skip the 4 match if he couldn’t get the extra turn. I was shocked when I saw it the first time too xD

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400 days, well you got me beat! I think I only have about 6 months.

Funny that I’m so far ahead of you given this discrepancy :wink: lmao :joy:

Far ahead in level? You can’t imagine how much more exp we get now compared to what we used to. Or you mean something else?

It was just a stupid joke. I guess it wasn’t that funny…

On console, not only will AI forgo 4 match, it will forgo 4 match in a color it 3 matches. Also, will 3 match the same match it could get a 4 with in the same set of gems. Console also frequently will not touch skulls in favor of colors that i need. Console AI is wicked non-I.

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With all that AI nonsense on console, it seems like real people. It also makes games more fun, because you can’t n always bait out skulls :slight_smile:

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@KrudlerTheHorse was this on console?

Krudler plays on PC/Mobile.

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Yeah its interesting. Because the lifelong bug(s) on the console AI altering the 100% predictable patterns just a bit its far more enjoyable to play against. In many was harder because you can’t consistently bait Skulls for easy wins.

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Console AI is unfortunately still predictable. From what I can tell it does not look at the board state created by the player. Instead looking at the state of the board a move before. It will only readjust to the newest state after it makes a match or if none of the previous options are still valid. This means it will automatically ignore all skills and 4 drops that formed during the last post by the player.

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