[Suggestion] Match replaying system


I am here to suggest and request a match replaying system by being able to replay those matches you played in PVP and the matches other players played against you , means i am suggesting to add a “Replay match” feature in battle log.

Why is this needed?

  • Will help you find the best defending team (Yes , you can play against it to test , but seeing how other players win you will sure help)
  • Will help you see and understand why did you lose a match by replaying and observing your mistakes (It’s not necessarily that his troops are better , maybe you missed a match of gems that could make you win).

What will this system include?

  • Being able to increase the speed of the match and decrease it.
  • Being able to quit mid match replaying.
  • Being able to pause/play the match.
  • Being able to download the matches as we replay them as they will be replaced by the newer matches.

Feel free to add anything you desire , and if you feel like this is not a good suggestion please state why , your opinions are needed.