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Tunes of War: Official Forum Thread

CONGRATULATIONS! You have just discovered the greatest thread in these forums!!! If you were looking for original Gems of War music and parodies, that is! :wink:

This was formerly efh313’s Gems Jukebox, but I felt it was time to update the title. I do however still intend to maintain an easy to use list of songs, so the original jukebox imagery and welcome text is below.
Thank you for patronage and enjoy the music!

Come on in, drop a coin in the slot and enjoy some amazing community created Gems of War originals and parodies! Now we have a place for all you lovers of Gems and Gem themed music!!

If you decide to craft a Gem of War original or Parody, let me know, and I will add it to the jukebox.

Remember, music soothes even the savage beast!


  1. Gems of War by Kanevan, original
  2. My Typical Day by Kanevan, original
  3. Guild Wars by efh313, parody of Star Wars
  4. They Got the Nerf! by efh313, parody of McNamara’s Band
  5. Friends in These Forums by efh313, parody of Friends in Low Places
  6. They’ve Got the Nerf! by Kanevan, original
  7. Sac Yourself by efh313, parody of Love Yourself
  8. Gems of War- Solo by efh313, parody of Yesterday
  9. Gems of War- Quartet by efh313, parody of Yesterday
  10. Ode to Gems of War by DrPhoenixJ, original
  11. My Guild by efh313, parody of My House
  12. Guild Wars Theme by Vangor, original
  13. Moderators by Whiskeyjack, Vangor, and efh313, parody of Regulators
  14. Lyya by efh313, parody of Lola
  15. It’s Still RNG to Me by efh313, parody of It’s Still Rock n’ Roll to Me

Don’t forget about the SHOUT OUT CHALLENGE!


Here are @kanevan’s original classics Typical Day and Gems of War.

Here are my first two parodies Guild Wars and They Got the Nerf!


I love your “They got the nerf !” version ! I almost finished mine, just need to record it as soons as i’ll get better ! :slight_smile:

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And now, it is a Gem Jukebox Debut!

Here is a little diddy, a tip of the hat to all my forum family!

I must give a special shout out and thank you to:
@DonBoba, @KrudlerTheHorse, @HKdirewolf, @Ashasekayi, @kanevan, @Whiskeyjack, @lyya, @Tacet, @ogunther, and @Sirrian for unwittingly contributing to this tribute.

But see how many forum Avatars you can identify in, Friends in These Forums


I can’t wait to hear your version! You can post in here if you like or elsewhere, but I will add a link for you in the Gem Jukebox! :wink:

Check out my newest! :point_up:

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Friends in These Forums sounds just like jukebox music hahaha Love it!


Woh so fast ! I love it too ! More catchy, and such a good hymn to friendship ahah :smiley:

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Very catchy, and I felt in a diner, too… Can anyone bring me some pancakes and scrambled eggs? =p

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This is excellent.

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Shout Out Challenge: If you notice somebody’s avatar in Friends in These Forums, who has not been tagged yet. TAG THEM and invite them to the party at the Gem Jukebox!! :wink:

Don’t tag more than two so everybody can play!!

I watched that video way to many times looking for my icon but i found it WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT


@killerman3333 tagged himself! :joy:


In more ways then one :blush:

This was such a cool idea! You guys are on a roll.


“Ash’s name is too long” cracked me up every time I sang it! :joy:

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I laughed every time I saw my kitty logo float across the screen. :smiley_cat:

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Loved it buddy :slight_smile:


I thought I was going to have to settle for having my thread prominently featured on the homepage screengrab. Thanks for sliding me in at the end, there.

Shout out to @Macawi. I don’t know why, but I love her avatar.

@Lyndale’s avatar is awesome, but I kinda preferred her old one with the goofy bunny.


Love this! Gonna play along and tag @ONOPALAVER and @Shimrra as having their avatars spotted.