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And Folks remember - Next week the goblins go back on the shelve for most folks because their bonuses take away advantages.

I am glad I have learned not to say what I want to say.

I don’t think that’s true this week. It’s not the event bonus that’s making them super strong, but the massive loop-ability, so I think they’re going to be a defensive fixture for a while (barring changes).


There is quite the difference @Taisiakat .
It’s called A.I.
For exploders, yes, sometimes you get an extra turn.
But sometimes not.
There is a risk: give the opponent a wonderful board with a bunch of match 4s.

With the built in extra turn, there no risk. In fact, you can pick up all the 4-match and fill back, or at least control what you give away.

As for the converters, yes, they are strong, but they are not blind cast. You need to pick the right moment, and , on defense, the AI will pick the wrong color.

Exploder with extra turn is just a free blind no consequences mana injection, that the computer cannot use wrong. So OP ya.


I still want my fizzy back!
Bumping to keep it in the devs minds


I doubt she will ever get back to where she was. She badly needed a nerf explode + extra turn = dumb. Even if her stat gain was removed she would still be OP. Nobend/Fizz/Queen G explode with Fizz filling Queen G and mostly or fully filling herself and Nobend cast Queen G take all 4/5 matches then cast Nobend or her again eventually filling Queen G again cast her and you lost without having the chance to even stop them. Most of my losses this week are because Fizzbang was able to cast once and after that the ai didn’t give up it’s turn until all my troops were dead.


I am sure that there is a number of gems that can be exploded without being overpowered. Goblin Rocket explodes one and still gets an extra turn, and he lets you choose the gem! The idea posted here of 1+Number of Goblins would be amazing, especially if Fizz lost stealthy and the stat boost. That makes her dangerous, but not overly so: Dragon Soul explodes more gems and deals AoE damage, for not much more mana.

Edit: the stat bonus is just a disappointment when it happens. At least with Nobend every outcome is interesting.


Devs, it’s Monday now and we still have no answer on this. We only got like half a decent event this week because of this awful change. Please re-fix Fizzy going forward to something that nerfs her properly–that is, where she still goes boom and has an extra turn, but the number of exploding gems and/or the stat buff are more limited. That’s all you ever needed to do.

And give us a new goblin event soon, please, once she’s fixed. This one was wasted.

This is what I posted on the other relevant Fizzbang thread.

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And this is my suggestion from that thread too…
Maybe she should have only gained 40% mana and kept her extra turn? Not ALL exploders have to gain 70% mana, that unique extra turn, well I think it’s a missed opportunity. That way she’s not op with exploding filling all and sundry. I was looking forward to seeing goblins again…it’s a real shame as what this game needs more than anything currently is fun! Oh well.

Why this change when she can explore more with lower mana cost without an extra turn. Often those great explorers get an extra turn.

Dora the Explorer, sounds like a new troop from kids TV

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lol sometimes my english is straight forward U-G-L-Y! haha :sweat_smile:

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With all the agony over Fizzy’s nerf I thought it would be TOTALLY appropriate to remind people to go and enjoy my Tunes of War parody

They Got the Nerf!


Also take a listen to @kanevan original composition to the same lyrics!


Great melody! :wink: I will try to rage less…


We are happy that YOU do enjoy your game :roll_eyes:


I’m not sure if you are replying to me or not but to answer you just in case:

I am a middle school theatre teacher.
I direct a Barbershop Chorus, we are preparing for contest in October.
I am the Music Minister for my church, handbells start next week.
I am moving my wife and twins out of current home into a new house we are having built.

So, yeah, I have plenty to do-

Tunes of War is just my hobby…

What’s yours?

Edit: Reread this and was concerned that it could be misinterpreted. This is by no means an ill tempered response or attempt to be snarky. Rather it was a genuine answer to @moons and sincere question about his/her hobbies outside of GoW. :angel:


Wait, did this change from “Please un-nerf Fizzy”?

And if so, why? Fizzy should be fixed right away.

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Lol no! My comment wasn’t aimed at any one person. It was aimed at all those arguing in the thread. There was a lot of snarky back and forth going in there for a while. Anyway, I noticed a day’s worth of comments has been moderated out so it’s pointless now anyway.

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