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Dead Thread (15 characters)

I already know this is going to get shouted down but @Sirrian @Nimhain @Saltypatra please i beg of you! Please gimme my fizzy back! I have always wantes to have useable goblins and as soon as i get one she gets nerfed! This feels like a cruel prank on this gorilla.


I would love to see a different adjustment made. She was clearly too strong as initially implemented, but now is overly-dependent on RNG. She doesn’t feel fun anymore, as a misfire seems like a waste of a spell cast.


I would love to see another adjustment made too. We dont need another RNG goblin like Nobend brothers.


For what it’s worth, there is precedent to take away her extra turn: Goblin King doesn’t have one. And our pretty pretty Princess is royalty herself…

Seriously though, she’d still have a chance for an extra turn with the sky drops that occur after explosion, I think the biggest issue goblins had was not having a reliable way to charge. If you keep the explosion and take away the guaranteed extra turn, she still retains a lot of her power (and I suspect her ultimate purpose) of enabling the other Goblins to do their thing. Yes, you lose a bit of thematic consistency, but like I said, not unprecedented :smiley:

EDIT: To be clear, I’m saying keep her original “AND” wording, just take away the extra turn. Explode green gems AND buff an ally.


So far I’ve had succes, but it needs more thinking, reminds me of using Rocket and Boar Rider: you need to observe and think about cascades and grab the gem-match instead of just aimlessly clicking explode.

I enjoy Rocket-Nobend-Fizz-Elspleth. Only start the loop once all 3 are ready. Then win.

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We dont need another blue/purple troop that is almost the same as Poison Master. We neither need a Goblin like her to be worse than Poison Master.

EDIT: You mean that she should be like before the nerf but without giving an extra turn? That is a good suggestion. But keep the cost at 13 mana cost.

That’s the one.

That’s a good suggestion. But also keep her mana cost at 13.

I agree she could be upgraded a little, but not to the basically broken state on first release. I think she should keep the extra turn. She should lose Stealthy.

I do think Grapplepot should lose the extra turn, as mentioned elsewhere. She is huge and fat, after all.


She is not that huge and fat without the 20% bonuses, also some wants a green/yellow AoE to use with other troops than with goblins as well some wants the benefit of her extra magic going goblins only, she dont need any kind of nerf. Shes okay. Btw: she already got a nerf.

She and the other goblins wouldn’t be as much of a problem if the AI would stop to take a skull match now and then instead of endlessly looping.


@RiverSong will you interrupt your loop to take a 3 skull match?


I’m not sure that’s a great solution, since it’s artificially dumbing down the opponent, while I think they should still make good/reasonable choices (with a small chance for error, similar to humans). I think the core of the problem is that barring a very favourable board, this sort of looping shouldn’t be possible. My guess is that fixing it would require a combination of fixing the combo breaker code, eliminating the 4-match surges, and fine-tuning the number of gems exploded.

Also, at a high level I think part of the issue is the extra turn. That in itself is a pretty powerful bonus. When it was paired with poor additional effects, goblins went unused. But with good additional effects (or even average, like now post nerf), the extra turn pushes them to OP very easily. Not an insurmountable problem, but in general I think that the goblins in general need much more fine-tuning than most others in order to be made strong enough to be playable, but not so strong that they’re game breaking.


Stupid devs, I was gonna quit this week, but playing with the goblins KEPT ME AROUND and now, well, I guess this is goodbye.

You guys make all the worst decisions and 2017 has been all about making this game harder and less fun to play for the people. Last year, when you promised Guild Wars and updated the guilds, I was buying guild keys for my guild and supporting you guys but this year as the game became less and less fun, I withdrew my support. Now I’m leaving. Guild Wars, Nerfing single troop defenses, increasing AI cheating, increasing AI cascades, making it so 4x is cool but the AI will destroy you in 10 seconds but I never get any such opportunity. Yeah, this game just sucks now. The soulforge being more RNG bullshit was the end, and I Was gonna forgive it when you gave us a troop that was so fun to play for the first time in over a year of bullshit releases of crappy cards that are mostly useless kruft for our collections.


You make a good point. Perhaps I did not express myself clearly. I don’t usually complain about troop skills. Psion/Famine, Bone Dragon/Courage, all the others were never a problem for me; there was always a counter to them. But an endlessly looping team, where there is literally nothing I can do but sit and watch it cast over and over again, bothers me a great deal. To me, that is broken. It’s no different than watching Webspinner endlessly spawn green gems, or Sheggra turning the entire board to skulls.

And @Vangor, your ridiculous straw man question doesn’t even deserve an answer. This is a game. It’s supposed to be fun for the player, not the AI.


Its not a strawman and tbh i didnt expect you to answer me anyway so no surprise there…

Having lived with the Justice League for the last X months, I totally agree with your point about not having fun while sitting and watching the AI loop me to death over 10-20 turns. However, I don’t agree that making the AI do illogical things (like taking a 3-skull match when it has extra turns available by other means) to break this kind of chain is the right solution. The new AI makes better choices than the old one, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It definitely changes the game, but not for the worse.


And this is what @vangor gets in the face from you for asking you a very civil question based around your comment. And let us not forget yesterday when you accused me for gloating, out of the blue. It is great to discuss things with you RiverSong. :slight_smile: And sorry to tell you, but this game was never meant to satisfy your definition of what is fun, only.

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Thanks @Eika but forget it… I made this thread for the devs not for comments. As i said i didnt expect river to answer me anyway

Taking this to pm. You deserve a response, but not here.