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How was your first day of Guild Wars? Are you a 💫 Golden God 💫?

looking forward to the showdown with you guys, even though i believe you will take the bracket, you have a lot of good players, a few of us at in virtue are on holiday.
All the best :slight_smile:


It’ll be fun no doubt that ^^


Just to brag i did another golden god day.


And at the end of the day, that’s what matters! Sure they’ve temporarily run away with trophies but here we get to compete with them again. Kind of. Hopefully properly next week!

Oh, and I forgot to mention my second consecutive day of :dizzy: Golden God :dizzy: status, maintaining my 100% record :100:


Maxx joined our guild on Monday. He should be in!

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I am a :dizzy: Golden God :dizzy: !!!

This reminds me of a song…
A song that a certain somebody may have parodied…
Keep your eyes on the Gem Jukebox!!


Hi Salty,

We also have a new member (DARK VENOM) that joined on Monday, yet he cannot participate in GW. Will the fix automatically let him be able to join in the war, or will he have to file a ticket?

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Making excuses already, huh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Have they tried since today started? Nim mentioned (in global) the fix went out sometime within the first hour after reset. It sounded like it should have fixed everyone, but if your member is still having trouble then maybe file a ticket.


Thanks for that information, Oz. I’ll ask him. :smile_cat:


If anything i’m jealous of your Glory amount. I guess i wasn’t born to be glorious… :wink:

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I just restarted Gems 2 seconds ago and I still can’t participate. I saw that in global and the people she was responding to were able to play Tuesdays war.

Yea, I just asked Dark, and he still can’t play either.

When you ask him can you please post if he was to participate or not?

He can’t participate either.

Damn it might have been a different bug that was fixed.

Who has two thumbs and is a :dizzy: Golden God :dizzy: AGAIN!? :thinking:

This Guy! :grin:

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:



haha not at all, you guys would beat our asses anyway, come across your players in PVP and tough fights, even tougher with paragon


Well, i’m not a Golden God today because of the cheap stupid Death Knight trait!
Now i must leave this pantheon…

You can always come back tomorrow…

But til then: GET OUT! :point_right: :door: