How was your first day of Guild Wars? Are you a 💫 Golden God 💫?

Hi, everyone, and welcome to another thinly-veiled bragging topic!

With today being the first day of Guild Wars, I’m sure I’m not the only one who was on the edge of their seat trying to fight ever-buffed cheap defense teams while fully utilizing several matching yellow troops I had never before considered. But I persevered! And did well! And bragged to my guild! And then to 001! And now to you!

Why am I so proud? Why, because I am a :dizzy: Golden God :dizzy:, of course. Through sheer luck skill, I managed to take down the dreaded enemy Paragon, using nothing but Yellow soldiers and never losing a troop throughout the length of the crusade. I asked around in guild chat how many had accomplished a similar feat, and… well, suffice to say, Intrim has its fair share of :dizzy: Golden Gods :dizzy:. I felt slightly less special. This would never do.

So! I want to see how you forumites have done! In the interest of making it easy to check, I’ve devised a 2-step formula to check your :dizzy: Golden God :dizzy: status.

[details=Math]Max = 1500 (total base points available) * 1.4 (10% bonus for each troop alive at end) * (1 + 4x% (where x is the Guild Statue Bonus, and 4 represents 4 troops getting it))
= 15001.4(1+4x%)
= 2100 * (1+4x%)
= 2100 + 8400x%
(dividing out the 100 and %)
= 2100 + 84x[/details]

So! to tell if you are a :dizzy: Golden God :dizzy:, take your Guild Statue bonus (should be between 20 and 80), and multiply it by 84. Then, add the result to 2100. This will give you the highest score possible that you can obtain with your current Guild Statue! If this number equals your current score, then Congratulations! You are a :dizzy:Golden God :dizzy:! If your current score is lower, then I guess try again tomorrow…

So, all that said: Where my fellow :dizzy: Golden Gods :dizzy: at! How did you stack up on Day 1? What kept you from this coveted status, and how many of your guildies achieved it? I’m sure we can find at least a dozen :dizzy: Golden Gods :dizzy: out there. Please, share your stories!


Yep, 5-0 with all yellow troops and none lost. A few battles were close (shout out to Tigerclaw for giving us some great competition) but through shear raw RNG…er I mean skill, I persevered! Quite a few of my guildies did, too, so props to everyone (including those whom the RNG did not treat so favorably today).


Max score here too. Was a bit scared but turned out to be pretty easy.


4-1 all yellow team, deathnight killed every troop of mine as soon is it deathmarked my team, my own fault for not killing it last

I’ve gotta say I’m digging this commitment to the golden star.

How did everyone else do?

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8,064 is the max for my guild.

When I was a little girl, I craved the only thing better than a gold star… the coveted scratch-and- sniff sticker!


New Guild Minimum: :dizzy: Golden God :dizzy: or kick. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding, maybe… :wink:

Half of my guild got :dizzy: Golden God :dizzy: status. The only guild that likely got more :dizzy: Golden God :dizzy: this day is Intrim.


5/0 and max score, for my guild, too.

Almost finished a battle without taking a single hit on any troop, but c’est la vie

Still have like 26,000 diamonds (from the good ole days)
Oh sry… thought this was a braggimg thread !

Really 5/0 all yellow :wink:

@Saltypatra or @Nimhain for the past 2 days I was told I can’t participate because I joined after the war started but today I have the option to upgrade sentinels and I can attack but I don’t show up on the results screen. Can I participate in guild wars or not?


Hey Maxx, this seems to be a bug. Our team is currently looking into a fix for this.

Is the bug that I can’t participate or that I seem to ba able to?

EDITTED: If you join a new Guild Wars mid week you will be unable to participate in the current War. If you change your guild on the Monday/rest day you should be able too.

Ok thanks. That sucks.

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Okay so it means we have to find recruitments before the reset, let’s them wait until the future kicked players finish all of their 30 battles and then do the recruitment… It’s going to be horrible. It will be more convenient if it was a one day unability to participate to GW better than a full week.
Why this choice? Rewards?


First day of Guild War? I’ve never had butterflies in my belly playing gems before! Wait, no, I didn’t have butterflies in my belly, I had a whole damn zoo! The suspense is unbearable. :joy:

Anyway… good luck to all guild who participate in Guild War!


This. Being unable to participate for a full week screws both the new recruit and possibly the entire guild. If the rewards are are problem just reduce them for people that aren’t participating for the entire week or give them the 1000+ rewards. I don’t care about the rewards anyway I just want to be able to help out my guildmates.


@Maxx @turintuor

Actually, the reasoning behind this has nothing to do with calculating rewards, instead it concerns calculating Guild power! If people could come and go during Guild Wars, the scaling could be exploited. People would be able to leave a guild so it’s power seems lower prior to Guild Wars, and then join again once its bracket has been calculated.


But this part is not only for only the 1st week? Is there not another system to compute the move up/down of the guilds for the next weeks?

In this case, will they received the rewards if they leave their guild before the reset? If no, I don’t see who will want to sacrifice their rewards to exploit the leaderboard.

Hmmm, let me clarify some stuff. I’ve sent you a PM @Maxx.

On Monday/rest day you can move around between guilds without missing out on Guild Wars. That this is not working is a bug we have only recently confirmed and are working on fixing now.