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TTK (time to kill)

It’s been a while since this has been talked about. With all the new cards, now is as good as any. I run Gloomleaf, Gorgotha, Jarl, and stone giant, as my main team. My time to kill in pvp is around 4 minutes. What teams are you running that get less than that on average? Or what team has the fastest TTK that you know of?

I haven’t really measured… :joy:
About 3 and a half minutes for Maw teams, Knight and Goblins. Others like true damage ones die a bit quicker, 3 minutes. If RNG really likes me, I can do pretty much any team in just over 2 minutes.
Jarl Alchemist Moloch Moloch, fully traited, +2 red banner. If there are a few red gems on the board however, things can really stretch out. And if Jarl misses with his spell, well :cry:

Yeah I bet maw can really cut times, if I could only get him on console. (have maw on pc)

1 min or less (2rds) on knight and skeleton teams. 2-3 min on mab/mercy. 3-5 on maw/mercy. I loves my bats, but use astral on maw.

Gogotha, Crimson Bat, Soothsayer, Spirit Fox all fully traited. Handles almost anything, Maws excepted.


I have the Maw. And Bone dragon. And Mercy. Not using any of them. Played 5 matches with that setup and was bored to tears. Cast Mercy, devour, fill Bone dragon, cast his spell, gg. I loves me some excitement.:imp: Maw teams are mostly for over achievers and those that want this game to become something like “click anywhere to win”.
Yeah, I lost 6 out of my 146 matches this week, so what? :smirk:
I bet @RiverSong has the full Team Maw, just as many others do. However, they play the game in order to enjoy it, 3 minutes or 4 or 6 means little to me if I managed to lay the smackdown on a lvl 1000 Team Maw by just spamming Jarl/Alchemist. :grin:
P.S. 8 out of 10 times, I manage to do it.


I get bored to tears using the same team over and over to win. In PvP, I tend to get streaky, using one team until I hit a counter defense, then swapping to another team until I get countered, etc. It’s nice to win, but I love having options over a click-to-win setup.

Sometimes I’ll elect to use a team that is specifically countered by the opposition, just to see if I can still win. I am not that concerned with a 100% win rate, and the thrill of seeing if I can pull it off adds some much-needed spice to the game.


Oh I agree with everything being said. I didn’t create this thread for the “perfect” team or op team. I have found myself doing more and more pvp these days, so I just wanted to see if I was on par with others. Also wanted to see if I could perfect my team to cut time a little more. I only have so many hours in the day to play. :grin: Also if you see the team i’m using, it’s far from perfect or op.

Yes, I have a Maw team. Maw, Valkryie, Mab, Mercy. I only used it against other Maw teams, that is until Impervious came along. Now I use Carnex, Manticore, Behemoth, Manticore, but only as an invasion team against Maws. A little slow, but effective.


As far as the fastest to-kill teams go, the fastest I’ve got is (an admittedly quite popular):

Infernal King***
Yellow/Yellow banner

If lucky, Mercy can quickly fill Maw, and Maw can devour the most dangerous enemy troop (usually another Maw). Maw’s Sandstorm yellows help fill IK, and browns help fill Sheggra; IK’s spell creates skulls and reds, which help Maw proc Hunger and fill Sheggra, and Sheggra converts reds into yet more skulls to proc more Hungers and exploit an already-inflated Maw’s physical damage in the absence of Hunger. It’s a very strong team that is only mitigated by a full-Impervious (or Impervious/Stealthy) team.

It routinely kills in under 2 minutes, and can do under 1-minute kills depending on your luck.


The team I want, and don’t have yet is Hero, gorgotha, crimson bat, and not sure on the 4th. Any ideas?

Hero with what weapon?

right now i’m using sylvasi’s blades

I’m curious: what’s your knight / skeleton lineup?

I still feel like Maw teams are the fastest, assuming a decent starting board (2-3 minutes most matches). I did have a pretty fast team with Orion in the front for a while too, but I can’t recall the exact lineup at the moment.

Herd bat mari sooth

Herd, mari, and sooth all power bat. As a bonus, herd cleanses, sooth is empowered, and mari does true dmg to complement bat.

Now you has my secret :-/


I use this team to farm and sometimes in pvp too.

Not so fast as Maw or Mab team, but is fun.