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Troops & Teams: Filters

I’m trying to setup my Warlord hero, Gematria - She has the Red Battlecry weapon; She has “Fire Heart” trait: Gain 1 Life for each red ally.; I currently have her i
With 3 Giants that also use red and buff the team. I was looking for another team to set her up in, that all give buffs from red gem usage.

I was in Troops & Teams and set up the following filter parameters: I selected the Red Gem, All Kingdoms, All troop types, and Rarity for the troops to show from my best to worse. It gave me all the troops that have a Red Gem on their cards, not the troops that use Red Gems.

I can’t be the only person that would like to see an additional Filter for what color Gem the troops use.

For instance, I currently have the Fire-giant (Elemental/Giant), on my Giant Team, that has a brown/yellow gem on his card but uses Red Gems as a buff. Y’all will be my hero’s for life, If You could add an additional filter, something like I have below:

Gem Color use: then in a drop down have list have the different color combos… And if I picked Red in this filter I would get all the troops that use Red Gems (that includes troops that don’t have Red Gems on their cards…).

What gems are you talking about? I don’t get what you mean by use red gems as a buff sorry.

Search on red gem without selecting color filter.

@Maxthor2789 The gems I’m referring to are what you match during battles, hence the name of the game: Gems of War. I’ll use my Dryad-Sylvasi team (Fey & Purple Gem based,). Sylvasi (red/green - Fey/Wildfolk) is the leader, her traits are: (A.) Gain 1 Attack for each Green ally… (B.) Reduce damage from skulls by 33%… (C.) 20% chance to dodge skull damage… When she triggers during a fight “Mischief” happens: Steal 4 attack from an enemy, Transform all blue gems to Purple to boost the effect… Dryad (Yellow/blue & Fey/Elemental) is second, her traits are: (A.) Allied Fey gain 2 life… (B.) All allies gain 2 random skill points… (C.) Gain bonus Green mana from green gem matches… When she triggers during a fight “Nature’s Gift” happens: Give 5 life to an ally, and restore 7 life to them. Give then barrier and create 8 green gems… Siren (purple/green - Fey/Elemental) is third, her traits are: (A.) All allies gain 2 random skill points… (B.) Immunity to silence… (C.) Start battles with full mana… When she triggers during a fight “Lure” Deal 7 damage to an enemy, and create 9 gems of that troops Mana color (she can fit with any team)… Rowanne is the fourth (green/blue - Fey/Elenental)… Her traits are: (A.) Gain 1 life for each Green ally… (B.) Gain 1 magic for each Blue ally… (C.) Recover 1 armor at the start of each turn… When she triggers during a fight “Thorns” Deal 8 damage randomly split among enemies, boosted by my armor…

Right now filtering by Gem Color gives you the troops with that color on their card. If you filtered for purple, you’d would not get the Giant Spider whose traits in include "Gain bonus purple mana from purple gem matches. " and when triggered sends “Swarm” Transform a selected mana color to purple. Summon a level 7 Spider Swarm…

@Batzany ah ok now I understand what you were asking above.

The Fire giant got a trait that gives a bonus to red gems matches.

Which mean when you will match 3 red gems it will give you 4 red mana to a troop that uses red mana like The hero with the warlords battlecry weapon.

There is currently no troop filter that can show which troop as a trait that gives a bonus to a specific color when matching that color.

Maybe that’s why this topic is in the “Feature Requests” section?

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Yes but when I read OP post I didn’t understand what he was asking at first.

I think I made it clearer now no?

Yes there is. Search on fire link, it will show all cards with that trait.

Oh yes you are right

You can also use the box at the bottom to search for particular text on a card, so, for instance, searching “Full” would pick up the ones that have “Heal to Full” or “Start with Full Mana”.