Delve Filter Minimum is BOTH Colors

I just found this today. I have no idea how it evaded my attention for as long as it has… Repeated line alert!

Anyway, today’s example: Sea of Sorrows faction event. The filter wants Blue and/or Brown as shown:


BUT! We can’t ask it to show only Blue or only Brown. Because its locked in like that.

So I can’t do this (that’s taken from standard PVP):


What to do, what to do…


(I kid, but you likely won’t get an in-game fix for this for a very long time, if ever)

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Wew that plug was shameless :clap:

You caught me, I need to increase my revenue of $0 by tenfold or else my publisher will shut me down. :slight_smile:


If it helps at all, the easiest workaround I can think of for this is to filter by Base Rarity and start at the bottom, since that’s where all the mono-colour troops are. Same for weapons, except it’s only Legendaries that have multiple colours, from memory, aside from DB.