Troop/weapon filter: one color only

Please update the color filter: when I choose 1 color (Blue for example) and select “All Colors”, show only troops/weapons with that color only (pure Blue), not mixes of pure Blue + Blue / anything + Blue / anything / anything.

Or maybe add 3rd option for such cases, “Only colors” for instance.

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It’s already there. Select ANY COLOR. It’s a ridiculously stupid way to word it

It shows all troops using blue, but I want troops that use only blue color: Justice, Frostling, Dwarven Gate, Penguin etc.

Are you reading what I wrote??? SELECT THE OTHER OPTION.
Select the one on the right and fkn look at the results. It will ONLY BE THAT SINGLE COLOR.

Nope, nothing changes. It’s under Android if it matters.

You’re being very aggressive about your incorrect response. On iOS as well, highlighting a single color shows the same results with either “Any Color” or “All Colors” selected. There isn’t, to my knowledge, a way to show only troops that match exactly the colors selected.


On Xbox it works as described. There’s the left option which shows mixed options of selected colors and the right option that shows exclusively.

Added the bug report: Troop / Weapon filter (Android): cannot sort out 1 color troops


On iOS, the two choices behave the same way when only one color is selected. With two colors selected, something different happens: the first option shows you all troops that match any one of the selected colors, and the second option shows you troops that match all of the selected colors.

There is not a way to show only troops whose colors match the selected set precisely.

PC also cannot sort by single colors, for what it’s worth.

Selecting purple/yellow + “all colors” will sort by purple/yellow, but selecting purple alone with either “any colors” or “all colors” will sort by any troop containing purple.

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I retract my previous statements. It’s broken since the update. What in this game isn’t broken. What a mess. (Lyya edit)

PRIOR to the update though it worked as stated.

Watch the language, please. You’re free to express your disappointment and displeasure, but keep things clean.


Instead of worrying about the language you should probably worry about the game that is bug riddled.

I worry about the community feeling like an inclusive place where people feel both empowered to provide their feedback, as well as reassured that they won’t be ridiculed for providing it.

As an aside, I am a moderator for the forum but not a developer at either IP2 or 505 Games.


I was about to say something similar. Bashing on someone for asking a question (or making a suggestion) is just not the gow way. At least have an accurate answer and being clever, funny, or witty is a bonus.

But vitriol in every keystroke does nothing to add to the conversation.


I support Lyya’s comments and you should know better at this point. Once again, please feel free to provide your feedback once you are prepared to do so politely and in a positive, constructive manner.

Regarding this issue, thank you for your report @Nullings we are looking into it


The intention was originally with this change was that it would find all troops that use only those colours selected (e.g. only blue brings up ALL blue), so selecting one colour would function the same between the Any and All options. This results in you not being able to find any troops with only x1 mana colour (or color!)

We have fixed this. In 3.5 selecting “All” with only one mana color selected will show only mono-coloured troops (for example, selecting blue only and “All” brings up dwarven gate, justice etc)


  • Selecting 2 gem mana colors and ANY COLOR (e.g. red/yellow selected) gives results for troops with red OR yellow mana colors
  • Selecting 2 gem mana colors and ALL COLORS will only show troops with both mana colors that you selected (i.e only troops that use both red/yellow mana).

Added to Known Issues with link to this info.

I think there will be a problem no matter what you do, because there are fundamentally three options players might want to use:

  • Choose troops that match at least one color of those selected (so “red & yellow” brings up troops that are purple/red and yellow/green)
  • Choose troops that have all colors selected, with additional colors allowed (so “red and yellow” will bring up yellow/red and yellow/red/blue)
  • Choose troops that have all colors selected, and no other colors (so “red and yellow” will bring up only yellow/red

There is no way to treat those three scenarios with only two options. (Also now the word “yellow” looks weird to me.)



The language seems to be getting clearer in 3.5 at least.