Gem color exclude

Hi @Saltypatra,

Was just watching your stream and someone had asked about exclude gem color filter. you were worried that the filter was too busy already and it might trigger some restructure. I have an idea to make this super simple (imo) for the devs and functional for the players

below is #1 the base filter image. then #2 when you click once you get the pretty green check box that enables the color. #3 if you click a 2nd time instead of it going back to the original state, what if it went to a disable/rejects that color symbol. Of course clicking again would send it back to default. basically putting one more action into the click stack.

the purpose here is to exclude any troops that contain the Xed out color. same way the check box includes troops of that color. so for example if Green is checked and red is Xed; you cannot find troops that contain both green and red, only troops that are green and other colors.

of course i would expect the red X to be prettier than mine. since i used the Uber MS Paint program


Too good an idea to ignore. Way to go.

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:heart: this idea. Would be so useful And way more efficient for making team builds!!

I like this idea too :slight_smile: Such an elegant solution!


I have already passed on the suggestion :wink: Thanks for the tip !


Bam! i am efficient today. time for bed


MsPaint can be used for some nice little tricks and edits on images.

Also great suggestion for the filter.

Well. This hopefully would solve the Delve filtering issue I noted back in November. Y’know, trying to get a yellow troop without seeing all the brown troops, that sort of thing.

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hahah :smiley:
Patch 4.3 arrived and my idea was used exactly. see the Devs are listening and taking in suggestions


Yours looks better, though, hey :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

We always are! We just can’t incorporate everyone’s ideas. That would be a weird mishmash of a game.