Can we get a (mana) Banner filtering system?

We’ve got so many of the damn things now. We can only see a few at once. They can’t be sorted in any other way than alphabetical - and unfortunately, that just means you have to remember which banner is which orrrr scroll through all of them.

What we could reeeeeeeeeally use is an adaptation of this filter:

But we can do better! How about we have a little set of up/down arrows (or +/- signs) on the colors. So if we want +Red -Brown we can toggle the Red and Brown appropriately and get the right banner immediately instead of scrolling around or remembering that its the “Dragon” banner. Could enable “+2s only” that way also.

Even without that feature, it’d be nice to just find “all banners that boost Red” and compare without needing to see the entire list.

We’ll have another dozen banners in the list by the end of the year. Its gonna be a mess if it remains as is.

Alternatively OR additionally, the size of the banners could be a lot less than it is. I am 100% sure I’ve suggested this before.

Even on mobile devices. We’ve got eight troops or weapons visible in the same space as three banners, and we see a huge amount of info that way even though they’re smaller. We could have a dozen or twenty banners on one screen easily.


Use a color filter like you suggested, but make each gem a three-state button for +, —, or off. (Could do ++, +, —, or off for a four-state button, but that probably is too many clicks.) Simply having the ability to remove all banners that don’t boost red would make finding the right one easier, and avoid reducing the space allotted to each banner.

For now, you can use this website

It has two tables that I use all the time, one table is a ++/- and the other is a ++/+. The tables also show the name and the banner effect.

There’s a BUNCH of other tables, but I use these two the most.


I personally just remember the lot of them because I’m spooky like that. I just don’t think its feasible for everyone else…

Lol hence the website that I found pursuing the forums.

Yeah, I’m all for this. I know the banners, but it would be much easier than swiping/scrolling through, and easier to compare similar ones visually, as well. I’m sure it would make it easy for newer players too - those in my guild are often surprised about banners I suggest, with comments like, “Oh, I didn’t even see that one!”.

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Another place where you can see what banners do what, though it’s not a substitute for filtering in-game at selection time:



External sources are ok for browsing and checking info (maybe during bathroom time?) but to have such a feature in-game would for sure make things smoother and faster, I like it


I admit that roughly 70% of the time now my tablet is set for splitscreen. GOW and either the banner lookup, or my progress meter app.

I think the simple color filter we already have for troops would be fine for banners. If I select to show me for example all banners that boost blue will result in only a handful of banners. If I select 2 colors only a couple banners will show, this is perfectly acceptable and easier for devs to implement than a + - filter.

I also think a “quick fix” could be to treat the banner interface the way the troops are treated—to be able to see 20 or so at once would resolve the endless scroll, and being able to use the filters that already exist (though I’d like to see your suggestions taken up, as they’re great!) would make it even more efficient.