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Troops survived due to Humility's 3rd trait

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Humility’s 3rd trait triggers after fatal damage and so, saves troops who should have died…
What are the steps to make it happen again?
Spell any AoE troops which should finish the AI team and the troops who should have died will still be there with 2 pts of EDIT:Life and not Armor

I routinely finish AI troops using AoE spells. I have not noticed this before. Not saying you’re wrong about what you saw, just that it might not be as common as your post makes it seem.

Honestly, I didn’t try that much with different teams or kind of damage.

I used a boosted Rowanne versus a Humility/X/Y/Z team and whereas Rowanne should one-shot the team X/Y/Z survived because of Humility’s 3rd trait.

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I’ve had this sort of thing happen loads. Though I’ve always chose to ignore it if I’m honest as it’s never affect the outcome of a battle yet.

I have this happen frequently with split damage troops. Troops below the Humility survive because the trait triggers and gives everyone two armor, but the “randomly split” spell won’t do more than their total life and armor when the spell started.


Once I have lost battle because of this :D. Lady Anariel and Plague can be really annoying combo.

I bet this is why some people say they haven’t noticed it. It sounds like if a spell does fixed damage it’ll still kill the troop, but if the damage does some kind of pre-hit calculation and will only damage “up to” some number, it should be picking after the armor boost happens.

But that’s also kind of complex. The split happens before damage starts. The boost doesn’t happen until Humility is damaged. That tells me the algorithm is like:

  • Calculate the damage for each target.
  • Assign damage values one by one, allowing effects to trigger.

The “right” algorithm would be more like:

  • For each valid target:
    • Calculate damage for the target.
    • Assign damage and allow effects to happen.

Not sure that everyone understood the issue so I just add an example:
AI team: Forteress Gate/Humility/FGx2
So Rowanne did 118*2+Magic so at least 236 damage.
And total Armor+Life of all AI troops was at that time 67 so even with +6 due to Humility’s 3rd trait 236>>73…

My question is: it is a bug or not? @Ozball?

So we’ve looked into the cause of this and it appears to be an issue specifically with split damage troops. As previously mentioned, troops doing fixed damage numbers (Krystenax, Knight Coronet etc) will kill the troops as expected, but split damage troops will leave the troops alive with 2 health.

I’ll add this to the Known Issues thread and we’ll investigate a fix for it.

EDIT: Also worth noting that this only applies to troops below Humility in the team order, any troops above it will die from the split damage as normal.

@turintuor Just re-reading your first post, you’re saying troops are surviving with 2 armour? Did you mean 2 life instead?

He might mean armour actually which would be even more confusing since humility gives armour not life.

A troop Alice with 2 armour, 0 life. Cool cool cool.

Yes it’s 2 pts of Life. My mistake, sorry.