Rowanne not doing full damage 40% of the time?

As title says and forgive me if in the wrong section, but yeah erm my Rowanne atm has 30 armour and deals 17 dmg normally so I should be killing all troops that have under 77 or 77 health and armour altogether but at times it does and sometimes it doesn’t especially with fewer than 4 troops like prime example 2 troops are left 1 has 10 health 5 armour the other troop has 9 health 3 armour at times it doesn’t even kill them off just leaves them with 2/3 health alone which obviously shouldn’t happen.

EDIT: This is only for X1 version don’t know about PS4

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you probably did, but im just making sure:
did you check what is rowanne’s defense stat at the moment you cast? during battle she might receive some damage to her armor thus dealing less damage

also if you try getting photo or screen shot it could help

Might this be an odd variant of the “phantom troop” bug? The game “thinks” there are troops in the empty slots, so since Rowanne deals dmg randomly split, a larger portion of that dmg is being sunk into a phantom troop which results in the mitigated dmg loss to the REAL troops?

Total Speculation, just offering a possibility. :wink:


Here is my hunch…

The way you word this seems to lead me to believe that you think Rowanne should instantly kill if the enemy has 77 health or less. This is only the case if there is only 1 enemy left, as Rowanne splits that 77 damage between all enemies.

This sounds like it is at the end of the battle, so I want to make sure you understand Rowanne’s cast. It is boosted by CURRENT armor, not her armor at the start of the match. If Rowanne lost all her armor in battle, she would only be doing 17 split a cast which would leave both troops with a little health left.

There is a known bug with Rowanne (and other troops that do split damage) where, when there are less than 4 troops remaining, some of her split damage can be allocated to an already dead troop, meaning that she does less than her full damage potential. The devs have said it will be fixed in the next update. See the 4th bullet point under “Spells” in this post:



+1 for @efh313 :wink: