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Humility's 3rd trait is triggering when ANY troop takes damage

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

Expecting humility’s third trait, virtue of humility, to only trigger when the humility troop took damage. In fact, it was triggering every time an allied troop took damage.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Play a humility team with humility traited, don’t put humility in 1st place and then let the enemy take some shots at you

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

Here’s it triggering after my gorgotha explodes which only hurts the top enemy troop

Here’s it triggering after using my famine which only hurts the second enemy troop:

Here it is again when I recreated it, enemy morthani’s will is hitting my top troop with skull damage and guess what? Humility’s virtue of humility is triggering:

Fun bug dd^2. But it’s only you, I’ve used humility on second place for quite a few matches never got it trigger on others taking damage :slight_smile:

That’s so weird, how can that be? I just tried it with 3 x humility and crimson bat, here’s a screenshot of me taking skull damage:

Also I think people must be exploiting it because after I first spotted it I faced a team with humility in 4th place. If you’ve traited humility why one earth would you place him 4th except to exploit this bug

Interestingly enough, the words “Virtue of Humility” show on troops 1 to 3, so it suggests that your order is actually Humility x3 and then something else last.
Perhaps the game thinks Humility is on a different position?

What, for the one in my latest reply? Yes, the team is humility, humility, humility, crimson bat. The first humility is taking skull damage and correctly his trait is activating. The second and third should not be.

As you can see from my OP, the order doesn’t matter. His trait has somehow changed to “all allies gain 2 magic and 2 armour whenever any troop takes damage

You’re right, I should only be seeing one word not three.

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Thanks, glad it makes sense!

Ok did the testing again you are 100% right dddd it got bugged.

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Great, thanks Don. Good to know I’m not going mad! Very annoying bug for anyone to play against. It was bad enough with a 1/4 chance for aspect of famine to hit health; I’d hate to poison or burn an enemy in this situation!

I just tested it right after I saw this thread and I can confirm it’s bugged.

I place humility in 1, 2, and 4 place. I let enemy hurt my first humility, then my bat magic went from 18 to 24 means it triggered all humility in 2nd and 4th place as well.


Thanks ZK. Hopefully the devs can get this fixed before we find ourselves with a new humility meta. Perhaps I should delete this thread so people don’t see it :unamused:… Except that by posting this I’ve just bumped it again :weary:


You did the right thing by posting it. Personally I’d leave it…by now many have already viewed it and word-of-mouth travels fast even if you did delete it.

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Only thing left to do might be to tag @Sirrian and @Nimhain as it seems pretty game breaking. On the other hand I have no clue if they can “fix” it fast or not. And they are at PAX Australia.

It’s definitely bugged. I replaced a troop in my Humility deck with a 2nd Humility against a double Death team. It didn’t last very long. After 5 turns, Venbarak was doing 53 damage to all enemies.

I doubt it will become the new meta.

On defence it would get crushed by manti BD.

On offence, unless you’re facing death, I’m guessing it would be quite slow?

does it still works? xD

Well,if it works for ANY damage taken i already have a team in mind

It’s still pretty slow on offense unless you have some serious damage. Like I tried Hum / Hum / TDS / Bat and it was pretty fast because by the time Bat got full he was doing like 35 true damage. You just have to bait the manticores, which is easy because Humility never needs to casta anyways.

Yes, it does.

When trying I put up bat/hum/hum/bat. Faced enemy death. My bad did 56 true damage on the first cast xD.

@DonBoba i do not have Humility traited so for me is useless, but i was thinking something like gar’nok/hum/hum/maybe hellcat for some kind of infinite auto buffing

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