Troop transform cancels first troop's traits

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Within teams that are using transform troops some bug is causing the traits of the first troop to become inactive.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
It works like this:
Team = Gorgotha, Sacrifice, Dragon Eggs, Baby Dragon. At first everything works normal. Skull damage to Gorgotha is 1/4 of the enemy’s attack, as expected with the Granite Skin trait. As soon as Baby Dragon fires his spell and transforms into another dragon, enemies deliver full skull attack to Gorgotha.
This made me wonder whether this was specific to Gorgotha, so I tested with a different troop, in this case Krystenax, where one can easily see if traits are working, with the Crystalize trait: matching purple gems gives Enchant. After firing off Baby Dragon, Crystalize is not working.
I also tested this with Gorgotha and Krystenax in a different slot. In those cases everything works normally, so this seems specific to the troop in the first slot, in combination with Baby Dragon or any other transforming troop (see @Mithran’s video below).

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

EDIT: changed the text, since it does not only work with Baby Dragon, but apparently with any transforming troop.


Bumping this up. Can anyone confirm, or am I the only one? :slight_smile:

Can confirm the issue. I’ve been told video helps when dealing with issues like this.

Sorry for the bad quality, something malfunctioned with my recording software. I’ll see if I can get something better, but this demonstrates the issue well.

First few rounds were not captured, but clearly Ketras was getting boosts from the Raging Bull trait to have 41 attack at this point. I started recording just before casting Baby Dragon, and was immediately hit with skulls… no Armored activation. When it was my turn, I immediately matched red gems… no Raging Bull activation. This continued for the rest of the game.

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Thanks for joining in @Mithran. I had no opportunity to record a video since I am on iPad, but your’s demonstrates the issue clear enough.

Just tested it with a Werewolf in the last slot and in the second slot… in both instances, the first troops traits (Gorgotha for these tests) were permanently “turned off” after Werewolf casted once. So the issue appears to extend to any transform nullifying the traits of the first troop, regardless of which transform troop is used or where it is in the lineup.

More video, this one a bit longer to show the entire process:

Video starts right before Gorgotha gets hit by skulls, showing Granite Skin is working. Werewolf casts. A couple turns later, skulls are set up for the opponent, who hits for full damage.


I changed the subject title according to your new findings. Thanks!

I tested it myself and I can confirm that Baby Dragon cancels first troop’s trait.

The video shows that Gorgotha got hit for full 15 damage instead of 75% damage reduction from skull after I casted my Baby Dragon.
Tagging @Sirrian @Nimhain @Saltypatra.


Tested it again, this time with Dragon Fire weapon. The result is same, transform mechanism cancels first troop’s trait.

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Hey Guys,

Thanks for this! Is it only the first troop whose traits are being affected? Or is it affecting other troop traits as well?

Just the first troop. Also of note, if the first troop is the one that is transforming, they are unaffected.

More video:

After transforming with Werewolf, both Water Link and Fire Link are both working correctly for the other slots.

Same fight, later on:

After transforming back into a Werewolf, Agile still triggers.

If I had to guess, this may be a side effect of attempts to fix the issue where traits were getting “left behind” by transformed troops (eg., spooky imp force transforming Famine would leave a permanent, unstunnable Aspect of Famine triggering every turn from that slot) and in the process is either targeting the wrong slot for cleanup, or performing the cleanup at the wrong time where the intended troop does not “exist” and pulling a default value instead.

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