Carnex Trait Bug

Not sure if this is an ongoing issue, but for some reason my Carnex lost it’s Impervious during a match and it’s Spiked Armor wasn’t working. A match or two later it got devoured.
No stuns active at either time (although those still shouldn’t work).


That is very strange indeed. I use Carnex in plenty battles and haven’t encountered such behaviour.
Wanted to ask which platform was this on but then i saw you have bishop so its PC.

Using any troop that self transform strips all traits from your lead troop. Yes, its any troop that self transforms (baby dragon was the initial report), and yes, it only strips the traits from your lead troop no matter where you have the transforming troop. Not sure if this applies to “transform others” spells. If the transformer themselves is in the first slot, the troop they are transforming will have traits. My operating theory is that transform performs some kind of “trait cleanup” when the troop needs to transform right before the transform takes place, but does it on the wrong troop slot.

It was reported, with evidence and videos a while back, no word on any fix. Its probably going to be next major patch minimum before it will be fixed, more likely post Unity switch over.

Here is the bug report thread:


That is one of the weirdest bugs I have ever heard of.

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