'First troop' bug?

PS4 here.
Ok so this happened only once for me, don’t think i’ve ever seen this on the forum (can be wrong tho :P).

Basically at one point my first troop stopped receiving and giving skull damage. Enemies were targeting my next (second, then third) troop with skulls, and when i matched skulls, damage was given by my second, then third troop. Enemy Gorgotha also targeted my second troop instead of my first with it’s spell.

Here’s the clip:

2:08 - Gorgotha attacks my 2nd troop
2:15 - Gorgotha’s spell gives damage to my 2nd troop
2:40 - i match skulls and my 2nd troop attacks
2:47 - again

At about 2:03, their deep borer uses its spell, destroying 3 skulls. That should have killed your shadow dragon, and everything proceeds as it should after that (except for the card staying visible). Still a bug, but just a display problem.

Edit: nope. You used your shadow dragon’s spell after it should have been dead. Definitely weird.