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Troop rarity in chests and soul trait question

This may be a stupid question but something that has just popped in my head.
When getting troops from chests are they always the same rarity? For example, a goblin will always be a common or whatever rarity I have it at?

Also, how many troops have the 50% bonus soul trait?
Trying to get as many souls as I can and I am using Valkyrie and another troop (can’t remember name but it is an undead troop that changes the board around), was wondering what others are out there.
Also does the 50% bonus soul trait and Valkyrie bonus souls when she casts contribute to the same cap? Eg, if I had a team of troops that all had 50% bonus souls trait, would it matter on how many casts with Valkyrie I do?

Yes all Troops are of their base rarity when pulled.

Troops with Necromancy

Necromancy allows you to reach the Soul cap faster, it does not raise it. Only Difficulty, Armor and VIP can.

Thanks for that and thanks for that link, really helpful site.
So do bonus souls from using magic still go towards the cap, or is it seperate?

Like on Valkyrie? They contribute to the cap and if you don’t reach it, Necromancy will usually do it.

Valkyrie tends to need 2 or 3 casts (with Necromancy) and you’ll hit the cap.

Thanks for that.

Now I just need to get Keeper of Souls. Are Aziris and Death on Xbox One?

Aziris is available, Death (and all other Mythics) are not yet available on Console. Here’s a link that’s filtered to Console troops:


Aziris is, Death is not yet

Thankyou both of you

The cap is only 40 souls. Depending on what magic stats you currently have it may be very easy to reach that cap without the necromany trait; a second one is overkill but is no big deal if you intend on using Valkyrie and Keeper of Souls in the same team anyway.

Worth noting that the trait only activates if the character is alive at the end of battle.

A future troop will also generate souls…