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Improve souls in dashboard

Hello guys,

how i can improve number of souls in dashboard? now is 0/40.

I saw that can reach up to 0/100. Thx.

necromancy trait increases the cap.

Some troops (such Valkyrie, Avina, Wight) increase souls. You get 1 for each enemy you kill. The Necromancy trait encreases increases the amount by 50%.

Sorry, probably i dont explain very well.

For example, he has 0/60 and me 0/40.

In game, i use Warg for souls (i get 10 souls) and everytime i reach the maximum souls. (40/40).

The Necromancy trait should increase it.

this is the necromancy trait

for now it increases soul cap by 50% (there were plans to maybe nerf it to 25% but i hope they gave up on it)
as the base cap is 40, +50% pf it means a +20 … 40+20=60

for clarification necromancy can stack with itself so for 4 necromancy traits u will get 40+80=120

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Oh. Nice.

Thx. :smiley:

Valkyrie doesn’t have Necromancy anymore.


Yeah I’m sad about that :’( But I was more trying to list the troops that increase number of souls on their spell cast. I misunderstood the OPs initial question.

It actually felt good to us at 50%, so we left it there!



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thank you very much! :heartpulse: