(Troll Post) 1.0.9 Preview Part 2 – No Official News


So this title is as it says not official. For those waiting for news what do you think the news might contain and by extension what do you want to see in the article or hope is in the post?


Isn’t there supposed to be a friends list now? I saw 2 bubble things in the 1st preview. It may even be a global crossplatform chat, which I would much more prefer. xD


Way to get my hopes up and crush them.


@killerman3333, Well… at least I know who’s NOT going to be on that friend list now… :rage:


Not sure about the game, but the forum could use a “block posts by this user” feature. /s



I added (Troll Post) before the title so it is seen right away. May help clarify before anyone gets disappointed more.


I’m hoping the Warhound get’s a reaction ability that bites my opponent’s troop every time they take an extra turn!


Here’s the thing folks: the first preview is posted as the app is submitted to Apple. That process can take anything between one and three weeks. If it takes long enough, there’s room for another preview. But the update could just as well pop-up on iOS any minute, after which the devs have to hurry to rush things out on Android and Steam. It wouldn’t be the first time the devs are taken by surprise by a sudden speedy approval from Apple. Right, @Sirrian?


The more reason to release part 2 soon :wink:


At first this was a troll post but it was more serious then troll but shouldn’t the fact that i am not dev and posting this even raise your hopes. Even the no new part and where it was posted should have been give aways guys. Sorry for getting your hopes up and crushing them swiftly. i had not thought anyone would be fooled by this. News about no news is confusing.Anyone knows when the official news is coming anyway?


The second preview is out already… :wink:


AND the release is in 10 hours! :slight_smile:


You read that wrong.

Server downtime is around 36 hours away.

Or perhaps you’re just :imp:


Actually, 35 hours.


Yes, I just returned here to correct myself! :slight_smile:
Wishful thinking.


i am an idiot after posting that i found out that the update preview was out. woops my bad.