2.1 Update Tomorrow?


So, word on the street is the 2.1 update will be 24 hours after today’s reset. :smiley:
Can we have confirmation about that @Sirrian @Nimhain ?



There was a chat screenshot in which the devs said so:


Ah, thanks. I missed those screenshots.


I expected to see server downtime information in the new event post. .


Soon™ (10/10 on IMDB)


8/10 IGN - too much water link.


I don’t often water link, but when I do…


They’re probably waiting to get the official nod that they can release the update from 505. From what i can recall Sirrian mentioned that 505 are based in the States, so likely that they’re waiting for people to get into the office in the US before they can officially announce when the big red button will be pushed…