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2.1.5 Server Downtime

Hi everyone,

We’re about to bring the servers down for an hour or so while we get 2.1.5 ready to release!


Aww, lucky PC/Mobile folks. And here I was thinking we console folks might actually get to the same version of the game. Guess a few more months it is…

Don’t be so negative. And I’ll abuse guild tasks as long as I can lol



Happy dances!

Perfect timing. Once I get back from my martial arts practice tonight, I can discover new things!

Console versions are quickly catching up, so shouldn’t be too long now.

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estimate on downtime?

Well Sirrian said about an hour. .

wow i do not know how i overlooked that xD thanks don lol

Anytime mate :slight_smile:

I still cannot get in, yet Tacet is streaming live and I can see chat in the background under the server maintenance message. :rage:

I can’t get in yet either.

Quick question, will we get a hero weapon that makes souls that scales off of magic?

We are still waiting for the iOS version to propagate through to the App Store, which we have no control over. Other versions should be good to go at the moment, which is why some players are on the new version and some aren’t.


Thanks for the update, at least.

Any more word? Still has worked yet for me.

I always wondered whether a new product launch after 5pm PST in the Apple Store would still be speedy… lol

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Apple, you suckkkkk

This wait is almost painful

I suggest that every future update be given to Apple early! :wink:

We had updates were iOS was one of the fastest versions out

Then looks like we’d just get it early! Haha

P.S. I was only joking :slight_smile:

All good, I know it’s annoying to wait. I use an ipad to chat in the office most of the time, so I can be testing on my work PC. I want to iOS update out as well…

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