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109 Update is on the way!

Although the servers won’t be going down for an hour, we’ve begun the update process!

You may see Gems of War update start to appear in the store in 30-45 minutes… by all means grab the update, but just so you’re aware, it won’t work until the servers have been brought down and back up again.

Stay tuned for more info


Chat channel 118 here I go (?

Chat wont appear immediately after the update. We will slowly roll it out over the next few hours to make sure our servers aren’t hit too hard at once. Apologies for the delay, but hopefully the wait wont be too long.

Thank you for the heads up good Sir!

Server is down now for update! Very exciting !

Soooo…that means we shouldn’t organize a mass chat party the moment it goes online? :stuck_out_tongue:

Chat party sounds great!

I’m getting an update right now on steam, wonder if this is the one.

Yes, that’s it, or so I’m guessing ,I’m getting one as well.

Wow… steam must be slammed… i got like a 10 min download

Bah, I woke up too early and the server is still down…
Back to bed for me :sleepy:

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Mine updated but the game still isn’t ready, I do see the new kingdom ‘Blighted Lands’ and the new mail tab in the background tho.

You’re back at work already? Or do you now use your office as a place to catch up on sleep?

Servers are up - go crazy!

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Go? I was born that way…

Will the PS4 also get this update? Or will it remain in 1.0.8 for another 2 years? :[

Fear not you will get a midterm update coming that will update how gold functions on the console before the 1.9 update.

Wich is?

And what about all the cards im seeing in story missions that i somehow cannot get yet? Such as thrall, salamander, some girl knight etc etc etc…

Those are higher rarity i think. Girl knight who was that i wonder? Scarlet? She is an award from completing a certain kingdom.