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Countdown to 2.0?

So we’ve now had 2 previews for 2.0, but I’ve not seen an ETA for 2.0 posted by the devs…
Nor have I seen any post by the devs stating the patch has been submitted to Apple and Google for approval…

So, @Sirrian, @Nimhain: Has the 2.0 been submitted to Apple and Google, and can you give any estimate on when 2.0 will go live? Next week (with the eventchange on monday or later in the week)? Or the week/event after that?


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It HAS been submitted, over a week ago.
It hasn’t been approved yet, so it WON’T be on event changeover day (Monday)

It’s in Apple/Google’s hands at the moment - that’s why we haven’t released a date yet.


I feel a protest at google/apple should help facilitate the approval time. Is resubmitting it possible/help at all?

I assume the patch will be released on an event changeover day (due to PVP changes), so first opportunity will be 9 days from now?

IIRC at least one patch (1.0.8 or 1.0.9) came on a thursday, so I would not assume 2.0 will definately be on a monday…

With the patch awaiting approval (what is taking them so long for this?!) we should gather what we can and ready ourselves because i think we all know what is going to happen as soon as the patch drops.
Step 1: grab snacks
Step 2: Prep for the hate
Step 3: Get used to the changes
Step 4: Wonder what the fuss was about.
Step 5: Recommend changes for the next update.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. :cookie::hotdog:

I’m especially expecting a lot of hate/backlash on Elsa the Ice Queen, that’ll be an entertaining week(/month).

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I am going to make a topic specifically for when 2.0 launches that might piss some people off but my hope is that the devs see it and appreciate it/ like it

I’m waiting for how many people will ask “what does freeze do?” It is basically a non-existent mechanic in the current early game.


Knowing what freeze does is half the battle.

I’m still in therapy over the last update.
Our development staff may want to hire an on-line crisis staff for this update !

I am really pleased the update is coming as I have to admit my play time has waned the last 2 weeks and the new features will refresh my interest :smiley:

I think that’s true for quite a few players (myself definately included). Now content is always great for a nice increase in play. Now let’s hope the servers can handle the extra load…

I get my top troop frozen all the time from Monsieur Boney, it never stops me from taking extra turns or dealing damage with my combo deck, it’s just more annoying then anything… (I just feel a little nervous rushing the "freeze everything/freeze on 4+ of a kinds)

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Based on the statement about how PvP might change during this week I’m hopeful for Thursday. Interested to know if they roll it how mid-week how that might effect the rankings. Will we get a clean mid-week refresh or will we start the new ladder at whatever level we are at when it drops?:eye:

I’m really excited to start playing with Summoner decks. (Excited to try a deck with Black Beast and either Goblin King or Dark Elf)
I can’t decide how I feel about Freeze seeing how I only really see it on traited bone dragons in PvP and it works inconsistently which is more annoying (hard to plan around when you’re never sure if you’ll lose a turn or not)


Which statement about PvP might change during this week? :open_mouth:


Also I’m guessing the new ladder will start:

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The summons being useful is really going to change some dynamics. I don’t see them as a major revolution, but it will be interesting. Black Beast may finally be scary with the summons. I know Dark Master is going to be a much bigger PITA with a full Thrall.

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Just found the quote and then re-reading it yeah it does look like it will re-set for ladder, all the more reason to get up to Rank 1 early this week to get the full reset rewards.

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And just to throw more fuel onto the rumour fire… Sirrian’s post WAS edited 2 times (within 6 minutes of posting) so he MAY have actually not included the “(or a subsequent)” part initially and added it in there in case plans went awry and they don’t end up releasing it this week as planned… <.< >.>

######Note: I didn’t see the original post, the above is PURE speculation with absolutely no basis at all :stuck_out_tongue:

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