Tricky Infernus was immune to Mana Drain

Platform, device version and operating system
iOS 11.3, iPhone 8

Screenshot or image
Soon I’m going to maybe be able to have videos of random things. But not today.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I’m in a Guild Wars match. My Psion has enough mana to cast its ability. “I will drain mana from that jerk Infernus!”, he tells me. And others, too, but the Infernus is my primary concern. Infernus has 9 mana and I want that number smaller. So I activate it.

Now Infernus has 9 mana and I… wait, what? I checked his traits, he shouldn’t have been immune to Mana Drain, right?

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
There’s another thread about this somewhere, but I couldn’t find it to add to it. There have been scattered reports. It doesn’t seem to happen EVERY time, but that it happens at all is strange.

We’ve been blaming 4x, but I was playing at 3x to try and avoid that. I think it’s gremlins.

Steps to make it happen again

  • Face a defense team with Psion, something, Infernus, something. (I only remember those two, sorry.)
  • Set your animation speed to 3x.
  • Use Psion as much as possible.


Thanks for reporting this, I’ve made a bug report so the team can try to reproduce the issue.
If you do manage to get a video we’d love to see it!


Been like this for weeks. Infernus also goes through shields instantly now.

If those things - Infernus going through barrier and not being drained anymore - are true, then my Infernus didn’t get the message. Because dang did I rage this week in GW at Spirit Fox and Psion and Dawnbringer shielding the enemy.
So I cannot claim this is true for my (=Player) infernus. The AI Infernus might be a different matter, though - at least my Famine drained okay, though. Didn’t use Psion.