Horrible Glitch with Psion

Just playing a GW battle with Psion out front. Two Famines drained my attack to zero. When attack was at zero skull damage did not drain the enemies mana. I understand that but when I did a match of four skulls, even with an attack of zero I still did 1 damage and again it did not drain their mana. This almost lost me the battle and I couldn’t believe it. I was not stunned or entangled.


Is this on PC/mobile or one of the consoles?

PC/Mobile Platform

Any chance your Psion was stunned? That would have temporarily disabled the mana drain.

I think it has been reported before and is one of the suite of on skull hit traits that behave differently from each other when entangled or attack is zero.

Some still activate and some don’t. I think this one is the latter.

It would be nice if they were consistent across the board.

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