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Mana shield immunity to mana drain + mana burn

i remember in the first @Nimhain lair, she mentionned they were talking about adding mana drain immunity to the current mana shield. It is still in the plan? or it will just never happen?

i think it would be a good thing if this happen, these psion team are getting old now i want to see a new meta :slight_smile:


This is the post i am refering

I hope the elves get it in their rework.

We’re still investigating it. Nothing to really mention at the moment, but it’s still a possibility at this stage.

(Again no promises, but we are looking into it).


Good to know, please don’t change your mind cause i got plenty team in head i want to test :slight_smile:

No need to have imunity to everything in this game. Its already too much of that already. Please change your mind.

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I don’t see why you don’t want it, imo it will open door for more strategy , people will start using different team and try more stuff.

This is exactly the problem right now there is too much mana drainer and people stick with the same team cause they know if they try something different against mana drainer it won’t work cause 98% famine or psion or any drainer will drain you before you get the time to cast

I’m happy to hear that it is still a possibility that mana shield will protect against mana drain. I never understood why there was no immunity to drain.

Be it immunity or some other means, there should be some counter mechanic to mana drain other than “just kill it before it can do anything”. Not just to maybe make it a bit less deadlocked of a meta for defenses, but for a potentially more varied experience by allowing more viable countermeasures to invade with. This also needs to be done with with the increasing number of “lethal damage” effects, which were in the past all blocked by barrier but the most recent two aren’t.


I’m quite against mana drain immunity.

Mana drain is a generic counter to spell. A counter to a counter… no thanks.

And how you stop a Mana shielded troops to cast? For example, Amira during Blue GW day. “Kill it first” will become the only counter.

The issue is not mana drain but some troops:

  • mana drain all the team (ie Famine),
  • mana drain on skull (ie Psion), in fact it’s worst he’s stealing mana, even not sure he will be concerned by this mana shield boost,
  • mana drain machine gun (ie Fox).
    Aside these troops, which other troops are too powerful or make you feel that mana drain is too OP?

And if some traits immunize versus mana drain, should it mean that Impervious include this immunity?

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If you read the entire post of nimhain you will
Notice she said impervious will stay like it is cause it’s already good enough and of course if they make that change to mana drain they will need to remove mana shield on some troop and balance everything

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Instead of making a new trait. Just do something like make Submerged troops immune to Mana drain. Make a useless mechanic like that into something treasured.

You should not consider everything from a old post of Nimhain (May 21st) as something that will be added in the game like that:

  • we are still unsure that mana shield will be boosted,
  • they can change their mind about impervious
  • which troops will have mana shield, nobody knows

So which troops do you think should have a mana drain immunity? Because I’m mixed between this trait will be added on troops which are either:

  • too strong so we loose an hard counter against them,
  • too useless and so on, will not be used
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I didin’t mention it will happen, i was asking if it was still in the plan to introduce this? Also nim answered and said they still investigating so i know it’s not 100% sure it will be implemented

I will let the devs choose wich troop they think it is necessary to remove or add the trait. The devs always did a good job in balacing so i trust them about that.

In general, Mana Drain is a crappy mechanic that does more harm than good. Yes, it’s useful on offense, but we have many other tools. On defense, however, it’s the most annoying mechanic in the game next to Devour. (And if I recall correctly, Mana Drain was introduced b/c of Devour. Let’s not forget the rich irony there.)

Therefore, anything to reduce the impact of Mana Drain is welcome in my book. And since the devs have stated repeatedly that they prefer to introduce counters as apposed to properly balance things, they’re not even internally consistent on this point since there’s no counter to Mana Drain.

While we’re on the subject of Mana Drain, I really wish they would revisit the Mana Cost associated with Mana Drain across the board (it’s under-costed relative to its power) while also taking a hard look at Psion’s 3rd trait and at least swapping out Empowered for Fast on Spirit Fox.


In the giant complex game of rockpaperscissors which should be team design, there’s no real counter currently to mana drain. There should be.

Additionally mana drain is a funsucking negative that stalls games and denies the player utility. I agree it has its place and can be a great player-oriented control mechanic. But currently it’s done too much, and too well, and too often too strong. Psion can do it too often from ubiquitous sky skulls. Famine resets a whole team and kills a troop. EK is still mega strong. All of these are borderline in the powercreep stakes - don’t think they need a nerf so much, but we do need better counters.


there are already a few mana drain counter available. for example, retreat button, alcohol, punching your screen, yelling at total stranger, writing angry review etc. we totally don’t need another. /end of sarcasm.


Amira is stealthy… you can’t target her with spells anyway… so yea, “Kill it First” is already the current counter against her.

Psion doesn’t need to target :wink: . Khorvash too.