Trial Team Feedback

Good day to all!

Regarding the difficulty of epic challenges, there are a couple of suggestions for developers, namely:

  1. Restrict the choice of troops to the troops of this kingdom (well, where these tests take place …), and not as it is now - they give four cards with the ability to swap them
  2. If for some reason the choice from all the troops of one kingdom does not correspond to the idea of respectable developers about the “Epic” difficulty of the tests (the inability to add a hero and player cards of level 20 against AI cards of level 250 and higher without the possibility of a team buff in the form of potions relics…), then consider limiting the choice to the troops of this kingdom with reference to the class (undead, mystic, warrior, etc…)
  3. Give the opportunity to choose a banner (if not from all, then at least with reference to one or two colors …)
    P.S.: the decision for any is yours, but know that no matter how difficult the challenges are, the players must have a CHOICE

No mythics pls!
If yo do not have it you end up with a lvl 5 untraited copy of the troop. Not good!

There are no mythics. That would mean people who actually have it stand some reasonable chance, depending upon the mythic involved, lol. Also, if you are below epic level, you can apparently buy the troops you are using, so if there was a mythic everyone who didn’t do the challenges before could buy it, and I don’t think the game likes the idea of people being able to buy specific mythics - unless they came with a very hefty price tag.

If we have a fixed team of 3 Troops and ONE free slot, then the Troop offer should (of course) be for the 3 fixed troops (with a correspondingly adjusted price tag).

Hey there. I am just posting this topic here to maybe get the devs to at least change the player teams so that we don’t have to be as frustrated.

They won’t change anything. Just leave your reviews and be honest.


It just dawned on me… the biggest problem with the newest Trials setup will be new kingdoms.

We’re going to get stuck with Day 1 troops and they’re going to be too lazy to ever adjust challenge teams with new troops.

It worked out with Todd in Vulpacea since Trials came out after that, but the next one? we might not be so lucky…

Will they release troops with synergy to make up for day 1 problems? Very unlikely…

The troops already don’t have synergy. The entire thing is a disaster and needs to be redesigned or axed and replaced with the old version. Just let us pick our own teams and use the kingdom’s class and weapons etc. All we get from it is a pet - you’d think it was the 1 million gems they were trying to get us to cough up “as a joke”, the way we are currently stun-locked out of completing them, lol. I do wonder if they were really expecting no one to pay 1 million gems, since they are expecting people to waste their lives on these abominations :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The funny thing is, I ended up playing this game because I was invited to a “test” last year. The test was essentially useless, since you were meant to play for 30 min, and what can you say after that? Why not let actual players test stuff before implementing it? Assuming testing is the actual goal, and not player acquisition, which is more likely when getting random people to do it.

That’s basically what the trials are, but in the worst way possible. At least now you can use potions for delves and finish a pure faction team. At least in the delves many of the troops synergize with each other. Trials are just a complete mess that aren’t worth trying to do right now, if ever.

I bring up the potions because delve faction team pre-potion update were basically impossible for me to beat. Trials are exactly like that, but worse.

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After trying the Pan’s Vale Epic trial - I seriously wonder if the devs play this game at all - because if they do, they are intentionally trolling us. I ended up just quitting the battle. The enemies all had 0 attack, so nothing left to steal, faunessa spams health, and the Silent One makes sure you can’t cast your useless spells, letting her catch up if you have managed to get her down a bit. The only way you can do this is by chipping away at her with Capernicus - and after almost an HOUR - she was still at over 800 health and the others were at 1 k. Seriously? What is the point?

With so many people looking for work, it baffles me people in actual employment constantly get away with doing their jobs so badly - or was this done by a bitter intern and not checked by anyone? Even someone who’s played this game for 20 min could do better.


@Slotharingia I am 100% of your opinion concerning the team constellation.
The Satyr can only attack the last troop, Capricornus is only useful against Zuul.
And why do they give us green and yellow, when there will be no yellow troop in the team? Luna would be a better troop, she can better buff and debuff.

I am really pissed and disappointed today.:disappointed_relieved:


I assume the banner is the Pan’s Vale banner, so it’s used regardless of team composition.

It’s so hilarious they claim these trials are meant to teach people stuff. Like what? How to build the worst possible teams? That the game is trying to force people to spend resources or actual money on troops the trials teach us never to use again? A lesson in the relevance of banners by picking stupid ones? How to spend a decade playing one battle? Anyone new will just lose interest in the game having concluded that the troops are badly designed, and anyone who’s been playing a while will get extremely annoyed.

I did manage to finish the first one, idk why I bothered really, it’s just moaning is more credible when one has done a thing. It took me over 2 hours and would have taken much longer or failed, if Elwyn had not died of deathmark relatively early on. Sileni Guard and The Burrow Warden are completely useless once all the enemies/ the first enemy have no attack. The guard basically just has the ability to cast barrier at that point, and the warden is supposed to be some kind of rubbish tank, I suppose, except you have to put her last if you want to have any hope of getting mana to do damage with the 2 troops that are remotely useful, and anyway a tank that relies on a finite resource to buff themselves is useless. Plus if she’s the last one standing, it’s her with 0 attack versus other/s with 0 attack, and then it’s just down to luck as to who gets the lucky doomskull/deathmark gem hits. Very entertaining, I must say!

All the troops steal attack, except the satyr, who steals armor - and all of them run out of stuff to steal way before the battle is over.

Since our feedback is being ignored, the best course of action is to just not bother with these things anymore.


Ok, Pans Vale is safe but extremely long to win.
Seems like the one, who invented this team is a pest.
The main thing that wildfolk has is alert, and no troop with this trait.
And we’ve got yellow banner without a yellow troop, thanks s lot


So, the trial is so bad today, that I came here to make an account to complain. Something I’ve never done before for any game I’ve ever played.

It’s insulting. It’s so clear that whoever put this team together didn’t try to complete the trial with it, even once. After several attempts, one of which lasted 12 minutes, I’ve given up. You’d literally be better off letting us pick our own teams, even if you restrict it to that kingdom’s troops.

You guys said that Trials are endgame content. If that’s true, THEN LET ME USE THE END GAME TROOPS THAT I SPENT HUNDREDS OF HOURS GRINDING FOR.

If I can get one message through to any dev that reads this, it’s this. I don’t play GoW because it’s fun. It’s not fun. It’s grindy at best, and a waste of my time at worst. It’s an ever growing lasagna of modes and content, meant to keep me on a treadmill and occasionally toss some money at the game.

I play GoW because a few years ago, I thought “Oh, free game. This should be good for getting some achievements.” and now I’m afraid that if I stop, I won’t be able to get into as good of a guild as I’m in ever again. I keep playing because while it’s a chore and job, I can at least watch youtube or play an actually fun game on computer while grinding adventure battles on my xbox.

I play GoW because it’s unobtrusive, and I will stop if it gets frustrating.


In my opinion, don’t chip in (specially veteran players) nor waste time in these obnoxious game feats.
Game should be fun or entertain and not build frustration to a point of rage quitting.


Week 3. Plenty of valid feedback. Crickets from the admins & devs.



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CX team is “working as intended”.

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I really, really, REALLY loathe epic trials to the point where I don’t even want to do them. As others have said, you have no freedom in choosing what troops to use and the enemy teams are overpowered.

Congratulations Treasure Hunt, you are no longer my least favorite game mode in GOW.



I believe that players should not be deprived of the ability to choose troops and impose their only version of the squad on us. As I understand it, you do not want a hero (weapon) in the squad. Well, make a restriction - do not give weapons, do not give troops of mythical rarity. But let the player himself create a build from the rest of his kingdom cards, as already implemented in other events.