Kingdom trials

Hi does anyone else think that Kingdom trials are now even worse than Arena?

To the point that I haven’t played any Kingdom trials since they changed it.

It’s the fact that you don’t have any say in your team, at least with Arena you still get some choice even if it is limited to what they present.

I can understand restricting teams to make Trials harder but to take away any choice at all is just not what I signed up for when I started playing.

If you want to restrict it why not make it so you can only pick troops from that kingdom. Or restrict the troops to the colours of the arcane traitstone of that kingdom.


The way, trials are set up now, is as a tutorial, and I think, for the most part it works okay in this regard. I’d imagine, as a new player this is pretty helpful to learn some of the mechanics.
The five bonus trials on the kingdom of the week should not be the main focus about it, even though for veterans they sure are. And, for once, those are even adjusted after feedback, which is incredibly rare with the developers, we have to deal with.

I can say, I am playing trials certainly more often and with more interest, than the challenges (which I only checked, once a kingdom got star locked).

P.S.: The last time, I played challenges “for the rewards” was when arcane traitstones were still a rarity, that you went out of your way for. 2016 then, I guess.


I could understand if the trials were meant to be a tutorial, restricting the choice to give new players the chance to experience troops they might not have yet, the mechanics of the game etc. But that only works for the first one or two kingdoms.

By the third kingdom players should know all that so it makes no sense in taking away our ability to choose our own troops.

I used to enjoy trials and how you could earn extra things with each new round of leveling, minor traitstone for each fight and then 5 major for doing them etc.

But now I can’t choose my own team, and it always seems to pick the lowest of my troops, I struggle to get even one or two fights let alone a whole set.

I don’t even think of the Epic trials because I know I’ll never reach them with whatever team gets given to me.

the change from challenges to trials was a kick in the ass for every player except endgamers i would say


Yea I don’t do them at all for the same reason I never did Arena or Pure faction. Their teams are boring as hell, and they don’t provide any class xp. If they wanted to make them more interesting either give class xp for the matches, give us more choices in the teams, or allow a Hero weapon to be used if they don’t want to give class xp without a hero.

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You’re describing challenges :joy:

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Yeah I know it used to be called challenges but as it’s now called trials that’s what I used in my original post.

I was referring to the comment above mine.

This issue has been brought up a few times. Trials are here to stay unfortunately, they’ve already said that.

Trials are hard. Epic trials are harder. They are not impossible either. Its probably that you are low level or low powered, which not everything is meant to be done when you have the option to do it. The trials aren’t going anywhere, neither are the pets, just wait til you can complete them, no one said it has to be asap.

i suggest like this. still limit the requirement to kingdom existing troops and no hero involved, same as what we are doing right now. for early stage of trials, players can replace all 4 suggested troops to any existing troops in that kingdom but not limited to the troops players got, so they can try out all the troops and make the trials less difficult and more interesting (they can think about the theme of that kingdom). dev can also adjust whether give them max lv 20 or all the traits.
with the progress, reduce the number of troops replacement, and finally 0 to epic trial as it is the challenge for end game players.

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I’m well over lv1000 myself so I’m not exactly low level or lacking on troops. I regularly do PVP against teams of 11000 or 12000.

You don’t need to be either a low or high lvl player to be able to say that something is awful after the devs have changed a part of the game to something that is less fun than a part like arena that has been derided for years by other players.

I wasn’t suggesting gettting rid of trials either, only making it so we could change the team a little rather than having no choice at all in the troops selected.

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My two cents from the other side of things - I was stuck on leveling my kingdoms because most of them said I needed pet(s) at level 20 :joy:

I often waited for the kingdom to come around and on the pet rescue week, I would spent a lot of gems to buy the pet up to mythic after rescuing.

When the trials replaced the challenges, I was overjoyed because it gave me the chance to get a mythic pet for only 1000 gems vs much much more that I spent before. Also they are pretty shiny looking pets (okay so I’m a bit vain :woman_facepalming:)

It is definitely a challenge to play some of the trials as it takes a few times, but generally I let the AI autoplay for me in the background until it cannot go anymore and then I take over.

I can understand that it would have been great to include a weapon so we could level up the hero class, but I can easily do this in casual PvP and I appreciate the opportunity for a kingdom pet over the option to have more class experience. :pray:

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Every game mode has its particular rules. In this mode you can’t choose your troops, in every other mode you can.

Arena wasnt always the way it is either. It also got worse depending on who you ask.