Trial Team Feedback

It’s their business model. They said it makes them more money to work on the next game mode instead of properly supporting an existing one. That might sound harsh from player perspective, I guess it’s a valid business decision though.

No, I get that - which is why I said it’s not your fault. If that’s their answer, that’s their answer - but it’s a garbage answer.


For those that say picking teams hurts their monetization I say the reverse. If nobody can beat the epic pet battles, nobody will get the epic pet offers. That results in ZERO gem spend on the pet.


Bingo. There is a luck factor to every part of the game. RNG and all. But the design goal should be to make the luck factor as irrelevant as possible or at least to divert our attention away from it.

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I was on about them trying to get people to pay for stuff. There’s nothing to buy at the Epic level, unless you actually manage to complete a battle, which in the case of Khetar is literally impossible for many of us. I cannot under any circumstances win a battle against a team that has 5 times my stats and kills anyone on my side with one skull hit. This makes it entirely pointless, even from the pay to win perspective.

Is it possible to get an offer for a legendary in trials?

I think so, but only if you hadn’t completed all the challenges before. As I understand it, if you hadn’t, you get an offer to buy the entire team, including the legendary.

Yes, some of the player teams contain legendary troops, like Keeper of Souls and Bone Dragon this week. It only works for standard trials, not epic trials.

But you guys got offers for a legendary or that’s just speculation? And if we can get them, it would be a good way to get those, right?

You get the offer if you play any trial 1 - 10. You can only play those trials once, if you’ve played all the challenges in the past your trials have already been completed.

I do not have Vulpphire Hunter and never received any offer for any troop other than Red Fox for 1M gems.

That’s the common one, right?

That is correct

From my understanding, the offer window just does a bad job of showing you what you’re buying. I can’t find the screenshot, but it’s a big picture of the common troop on the left, with small pictures of the other 3 troops on the right, correct?. It makes it look like you’re just buying 1, but you’re really getting 1 copy of each.

From the patch notes:

  • When a player completes a Trial, if they do not own all Troops on the Trial team, they will be shown an offer that will give them 1 copy of each Troop on the team for a Gem cost.

No, i never got any screen with smaller pictures for other troops but also the troop i was offered was for 1M gems so…

Aziris has always been useless in the hands of a cpu but is actually amazing to have on the player’s team, for this exact reason. For the same reason that gem convertors are more efficient than gem creators, because the result is predictable/controllable and not random.

(And there IS a legitimate design argument that you don’t want an AI to play always perfectly)

This is (however sadly) true of basically ALL large-scale projects, even open-source ones. Literally the worst, most feels-bad feedback it’s possible to get isn’t dead silence, but confirmation that the idea you’ve mentioned is a “won’t fix” (at least pending future discussions between the correct people which implicitly does NOT include you).

If you can take a screenshot of any offer received, by all means please show us what you’re seeing.

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I would but Vulpacea was last week and i can’t get Vulpphire Hunter now

That’s exactly why they should Liste to Player feedback before they code and change anything. They could prevent most of the outrage (some will always be unhappy).

They could have made trials a separate mode on kingdoms. Leave challenges alone, add trials - newer players could use those resources as they’re way behind, and older players don’t care - so it wouldn’t kill the economy.

They could still have monetized trials same way they did.


German players:

(thanks once again for caring so much, GoW team :hugs:)


Bit dispiriting, isn’t it.

I found it best not to start my day with a dungeon run, but to that I can now add Epic Trials. I reached 350 in Khetar yesterday, but it seems that no amount of trying is going to get me to the end. Not now that I’ve stopped trying, anyway.

In a supposedly strategic game I cannot commit to a game mode that is so overly reliant on luck. When I manage to remove an enemy troop there often seems to be an immediate retaliatory sky-fall of skulls telling me that I really shouldn’t have bothered, and then I see ridiculous AI choices that serve only to extend the misery when the proper move would have been e.g. Match the 3 obvious skulls; Take the ET before casting Sphinx; Create the skull in the one gap between other skulls; Cast Keeper for goodness sake and make this end already. Artificial AI choices are the worst, and serve only to remind that I am only being allowed to continue by the AI, and not due to my own tactical choices.

So for me the game has morphed further towards the casino slot machine that 505 always wanted it to be, with winning odds known only to the proprietor.

And today’s first dungeon door was Jinxed. Yay.